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Nutrition for Cyclists

This writing is dedicated to the cyclists all around the globe and from my love for it.

Cycling is an enduring sport that puts a lot of pressure on all the major muscles of the body parts. To ride better and feel better while riding, a cyclist needs to follow a proper nutrition plan. Food is the essential fuel for your body, which will help you to ride and do what you love. In this article, we will discuss some basic food plan for a cyclist to go through.

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Top points to remember –

  • Whatever the food plan consists of, it has to be healthy and hygienic. Because you don’t want to be sick during a long bicycle ride.
  • Don’t pack foods made from refined sugar and flour because they have low nutrition value.
  • You have to keep yourself hydrated all the way. This will ensure normalfunctioning of your muscles and help you avoid muscle cramps.
  • Try to avoid all kinds of processed food, specially Junk Food (Eat only Real Food instead).

Pre-ride preparation

Eat some healthy foods that include protein and good sources of minerals and vitamins. For examples – chicken, fresh vegetables, milk, and egg. This will prepare your body for the upcoming strenuous activity.

The essential breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day you ride. The serving should include slow digesting food so that it can keep supplying you with energy all day long. Whole wheat bread and cereals (e.g. oatmeal) might be an excellent choice as they arecomplexcarbohydrates, which will be digested slowly. Eat some fresh fruits, including bananas. This will ensure essential minerals for your body to perform. And don’t forget to drink some water just before you start riding.

Continuous supply of energy

It is vital for you to continuously provide your body with energy. Because your body can only hold two hours’ worth of glycogen. Take rest after every 45 to 1 hour of cycling and bite some quick food to boost your body with carbohydrates. You can eat bananas or some good energy bars to provide the carb for your body. Also don’t forget to drink water, which will help to refresh both your mind and body.

Also, you can drink something with high in calories; such as – mixed fruit juice.


Your body will be exhausted after a long day ride. Your muscles will be sore and energy will be low. This is the perfect time to feed your body with some lean protein. You can get good protein source from chicken, eggs, or milk. The ending meal is really important to recover your body from all the stress you went through. Remember that – all’s well that ends well.

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