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Why Ice Skating is a Healthy Activity for Women

Ice skating might not be the thing that you immediately think of when you want to get back into shape after a pregnancy or overindulging for a few months. However, as a health activity, it has much to recommend it and it’s fun to take to the ice and develop a new skill too.

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Here are a few reasons why ice skating is a healthy thing to do.

Looking Elegant on the Ice

Once you’ve had a few lessons or taken the time to learn ice skating, you’ll be gliding along looking beautiful and elegant. Creating graceful movements in open space is freeing and creates a positive vibe. The positive feelings elevate the mind above daily problems which provides a breather from the stresses of everyday life.

It’s important to wear the right skates to look good and glide smoothly. A pair of Riedell Ice Skates is a good option because their sharp blades and sleek design compliment any outfit well. You can usually rent a pair of skates at an ice rink, but they tend to have dull blades and don’t fit well often causing blisters; buying your own pair of skates and breaking them in is a much better solution.

Aerobic Exercise Without the Gym

Do you want to work out but are not a fan of gyms? You’re not alone. Running up and down on the same spot on a treadmill or using an elliptical machine is only fun the first time you do it and then it becomes monotonous. Skating on the ice provides a great aerobic exercise because it uses many different muscle groups that are different from other physical activities.

Next to No Impact Damage on the Joints

Unlike with running and other activities that cause impact damage to knees and ankles over time, ice skating is more akin to walking because you glide on the ice. There’s no pounding of knees because the leg muscles are used to push forward along with swinging the arms to help progress along the ice.

Joints often seize up through lack of use. With skating, the knees get a good workout with more pressure placed on the lower body than the upper body. With greater use, the joints typically rise to the occasion which improves their overall performance through the rest of the day. If you suffer from knees that making creaking and cracking sounds, then this is likely to go away too.

Meet Likeminded People or Go in a Group

Whether you like to make new friends at the ice rink or prefer to organize a group of your friends to come along, ice skating is often a social gathering as much as it is a physical sport. There’s usually a cafeteria or another place to socialize before or after hitting the ice, giving people a chance to decompress before going back out into the real world. And, the sense of community from the shared experience is rewarding in and of itself.

Going ice skating offers many different rewards. Some are directly physical whereas others support a healthy mindset or an improved sense of well-being. Whoever knew that going ice skating could be this much fun?

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