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7 Style Tips for Stylish Men

7 Style Tips for Stylish Men

Girls don’t think that you have all the privilege in style. Men have also some important part in this area. Even I didn’t know this. After I began to research about the stylish tips for men, I was dumbfounded. I think all men should follow this style tips. It is better for them. This simple tip helps them to grow confident and positive about life. You will see many men spends their life with a feeling of looser and disrespect to life. Some of them have spent some good amounts in fashion just to be confident and popular among woman. But most of the fashion style turns into a disaster as like finding the best logger boots. So today I decided to give some style tips for men and help them. There are lots of tips will come up when you start to look for.

Here are the important 7 Style Tips for Men. If you follow them properly then you will the most eligible bachelor in town. And girls please note down this tips, you will need for your boyfriend or hubby. So let’s get started:

Style tips:

Just remember age is not a number for doing style. Follow some simple tips and look evergreen with style.

  •    Be simple as you can:

Simplicity is the best thing in any style. Yes, there are so many, options in fancy expensive styles. But they are for some time. With simple and smart outfit you will have a great impression for lifelong. There is a tendency among men to spend a lot of amount on funky dress and wears. But at the end, they end up with disaster fashion clothes that will be no use in the long run.  Before going for a style change, look around your environment and study what is the fashion trend that is appreciated. After knowing the popular trends in your surrounding than bring change in your wardrobe. But remember don’t go for any fashion that you have not tried before. You will face a big wardrobe malfunction. Just know your environment and try simple fashion. You will feel confident with your look.

  •    Try clothes form low-cost stores:

When you are trying for a new look. First, try with thrift store clothing. It will help you to be in your budget while trying old or new fashion. Don’t think old fashion means they are useless. You can look dashing with an old-fashioned cloth also. Just see what fits for you. So before going for new brand clothes, try to improve your fashion sense with clothes from a thrift store.

  •    Do some research with fashion style:

When you are trying to have a good look with style, I recommend you to do some homework with different kinds of clothing and style. This will help you to know better than any other and you will be confident about your style.  While doing homework, it is a guarantee that you will have fun while knowing the tricks and tips.


  •    Follow a hero for style:

If you have a fashion icon in your workplace or in a family. follow him as a mentor and try to take some fashion tips from him. If you don’t have one, try to follow the fashion magazine and pick the stylish icon you like. But don’t think that looks good on him will also look good on you. Take the basic style tips and apply on yourself. You will invent your own style by this.

  •    Learn some hand work:

It is a very big conception that hand works like sewing are for only men. But the fact is you will see in all the brand tailor shop and fashion world, you will see men are reigning. They are famous for their work with fashion. So if you can try to learn some stitching from your grandma or mom. With this knowledge, you can do any alter design with your clothes. You can also mend your tailor problem in the emergency state. So learning is fun, ego will not help you.

  •    Work with your hair and beard:

Hair and beard are  the main parts that work great with a look. If you have the beard, try to give it a better look because the woman doesn’t like the carefree beard. If you cant handle the bear, cut the bear and have a clean look.

Now for the hair. If you are giving the same haircut for long years then you are a boring person. Try some new haircuts. But remember try it on the basis of your looks. You cant just go for any style and cut. It has to suit your look and style.

  •    Do some invest on shoes and jeans:

For men, shoe and jeans are the fashion icons. They like to style with this two things. Jeans is the first love of men. They just love jeans. You will see they don’t bother about suits. They can do anything for jeans. Try to spend every penny in jeans. It is totally worth it.  But do pick the jeans with solid best color and long-lasting fabrics. You can use them for a long time with style.

Shoes with jeans look stylish and cool. Don’t wear normal shoes with jeans, the style is a flop. Try stylish boots like chukka or Chelsea or any best ice fishing boots if you are like minded . Your style will be comfortable and fashionable. So try to spend money on jeans and shoes. You will get a positive feedback and your confidence will grow.

So here are the 7 Style Tips for Men that will help him to look cool and stylish. You can see not all of the tips are hard to follow. Just follow the tips and know your requirements. Don’t just follow the fashion blindly. Make sure the fashion trend works for you.  So get look on the fashions, try them on you and lastly pick the best one for you. Be stylish and confident in your workplace or family friend gathering. It will boost your confidence and you will be fashion icon among your friends and colleagues.


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