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Five Important Facts You Should Know About Down Comforter


Down comforters are some of the most popular beddings around the world. One can easily understand why they are loved so much: they are cozy, fluffy and provide unparalleled insulation. Although they grace the bedrooms of many, few understand the intricacies of down comforters.

It is easy to conclude that these particular comforters are stuffed with down fillings. But does that mean that only down can be used to fill them? And from what birds can this down be sourced? What makes a particular comforter better than another? Read on to know more about down comforters.

Important Facts About Down Comforters

  1. They can be filled using different materials

Whenever you think about down comforters, you probably think that they are stuffed with goose down. This is a popular notion since geese provide some of the world’s best down. Invariably, goose down is used to make most comforters. But this is not the only material used to make the beddings.

Down can be sourced from other birds such as ducks, marabou storks, and turkeys. With ducks, the elder duck is the most popular source of down because it has the highest fill power. Turkeys come next in terms of popularity, which leaves marabou stork down as the least popular source. In fact, marabou down became so unpopular that it is rarely ever used nowadays.

There are also countless other material used to fill up comforters. These include rayon, polyester and cotton. While down comforters made from alternative material may lack the authentic feel associated with traditional down comforters, they are also advantageous in several ways. For one thing, they are great for people who suffer from bird-related allergies. Secondly, they are cheaper than traditional comforters. Finally, it is easier to clean and maintain comforters made of alternatives to down.

  1. Fill Power Matters

Fill power refers to the amount of space an ounce of down filling will occupy in your comforter. In simpler terms, it relates to the amount of filling that will be present in a comforter. Generally, the higher the fill power, the better the comforter. A comforter with high fill power is warmer, cozier and long-lasting.

The lowest fill power is 500 while the highest is 800. Naturally, comforters with a high fill power tend to be expensive. They are ideal for icy places. Those with low fill power, on the other hand, are often cheaper and are suitable for warmer places.

  1. Thread count counts

Another factor that influences the quality of comforter is its thread count. Thread count can be defined as the number of threads sewn per every square inch of the comforter. High thread count in a comforter is an indication of top quality. It can range anywhere between 100 threads and 600 threads. Beyond 600, you can barely tell the difference.

  1. Hungary and Poland make some of the best down comforters

The world’s best comforters are made from Poland and Hungary. This can be easily explained away by the fact that these are some of the coldest countries on earth. Naturally, their geese need more insulation than those found in other parts of the world. As a result of this, they have the fluffiest down.

Many companies that produce down comforter in both these countries follow ethical practices. They are kind to the birds so you can rest assured that you will get cruelty- free down products.


  1. Size Varies


Down comforters vary widely in size. Some are made for ordinary beds, some for the queen- sized beds and others for California King Beds. It is also important to know that you should buy your comforter depending on the size of your bed.


You would better off taking precise measurements of your bed and then purchasing a comforter that matches its size. Sometimes, names can be misleading. You may end up buying a comforter labeled king size bed only to find out that it is a size too small for your bed. It can be frustrating.




These are the five essential facts you should know about down comforter. Equipped with this knowledge, you should have an easier time purchasing the correct comforter depending on your specific situation. And if you already have a down comforter, now you are more knowledgeable about it than you probably were before.

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