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An Exercise Bike – Easy And Effective Exercise

An exercise bike is a stationary bike that simulates bike riding. An exercise bike can be found in every gym and many homes. It is a great way to sneak a little exercise in without having to go anywhere.

Exercise Bike

How Does an Exercise Bike Work

An exercise bike works on the same principle as a bicycle. There are typically two wheels that are propelled by a chain and pedals. The chain is connected to the rear wheel and causes the tire to spin round and round.Check top rated road bike for exercise on

An exercise bike usually only has one wheel in the rear and the front of the exercise bike is planted firmly on the ground and immobile. The user sits on a seat and the feet rest on pedals. The user pumps the legs up and down on the pedals spinning the tire. There is usually a mechanism that counts the miles that have been “traveled” and can calculate the calories that have burned up along the way.

The Benefits

An exercise bike provides many health benefits. Bike riding in general is an aerobic exercise which benefit’s the heart. An exercise bike works several areas of the body. Obviously the pumping action of the legs works the legs muscles.

The arms are also worked out because on an a exercise bike the handle bar typically moves back and forth and requires the user to make the back and forth motions with the arms, the pushing and pulling on the handle bars works the arms nicely. As previously mentioned the exercise bike also is an aerobic exercise tool, the heart rate is elevated with the pumping of the arms and legs.

An exercise bike can also be portable and easily moved from room to room, there are even collapsible models. The collapsible model of the exercise bike can easily be stowed away under the bed. Check the best recumbent bikes here.


An exercise bike can be purchased for fewer than one hundred dollars for a basic model. The more advanced high tech models can run five hundred dollars. A lower end model is a great place to start an exercise plan, if over time the workout is continued than a more expensive model can be purchased.

There are a lot of excellent second hand options available. An exercise bike can easily be found through a classified ad or one of the online classified websites. An exercise bike bought second hand will work the same way as a newly purchased exercise bike at a fraction of the cost.


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