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Gifts for Men – From Gadgets to Great Outdoors

Gifts for Men

Do not worry yourself. If you think for long enough, apply a little logic and insider-knowledge then you will always find that there are gifts for men that work – that are well received and most importantly of all, that are used and enjoyed time after time. So, you may ask, just what are these gifts and how can I find the right one? Let’s have a look at some gadgets and gifts for the great outdoors, if that sounds in the right ballpark, then read on.



If the man in question is more likely to feel a connection to Ray Mears than say Jamie Oliver, then you will probably have to look into some gifts for the great outdoors – things that take him closer to nature, and involve less nurture perhaps. Maybe this type doesn’t use a men’s grooming kit, or maybe they do, but let’s have a look beyond the front door.


If adventure is on the cards, then think of these ingenious inventions and gadgets that may prof both fun and useful:

  • Pocket Water filters to ensure that any water drunk whilst out is clean and safe
  • Wet-sleeves, takes the hydration out of the backpack straight onto the arm for easier access.
  • Camping beds and sleeping bags that are built to endure more than a boy-scout weekend or a kid’s slumber party – you can even get a hammock that fits to the roof-rack of your car!
  • First aid kit – full survival level for different emergencies and not just the odd plaster for sore and blistered feet.
  • Multi-tools, there are so many different ones, but pick a good make and you won’t have to keep buying a replacement.
  • Tents, clothing, and other accessories, the list is endless, but if the gifts for men are leaning towards the side of adventure then perhaps a survival course itself would be an ideal introduction before some of these other items! There are many available options, so ensure that you consider the choices and think are they right – remember, will he thank you if he is left cold and hungry in a wood for 2 nights in Autumn?!

Less Adventurous

Not everyone likes full on blown adventure, and you won’t be thanked if you try to offer the opportunity of living in a wilderness to a man who loves his comforts, so what about the home friendly chap?

  • Style – fashions change, but style is eternal, so if you are thinking of any items of clothing keep this in mind – gifts that suddenly fall outside of fashionable may not be enjoyed or used and that is a waste of a gift. This therefore of accessories, a beard grooming kit, scarves, hats, gloves, stylish cases for his tech, laptop, phone, tablet etc.
  • Tech’ think about his likes, if it is music, then a subscription to a streaming service, or the best wireless speaker for your budget, or if he likes vinyl, a Bluetooth record player that will allow him to listen to his old records which he may have been missing
  • VR – (virtual reality) or even AI (artificial intelligence) is becoming more readily available to all budgets, so for the tech savvy, maybe a VR headset or system. These go from basic to extremely high end – again budgets may be the constraining factor. If he is truly comfortable at home think of an AI assistant as provided by a number of internet companies.
  • If he is a foody, then either a Michelin meal, or cookery courses, together with some gadgets thrown in.
  • Finally if he is truly comfortable at home, then make his home just right for him; if he has a “man-cave” something for that, or something he will see, use and enjoy every day.

All men are created equal, just not the same. Different things will be welcomed and not so depending on the recipient. If the gift must be right, or you want to treat yourself to the right gift, then get to know the person/yourself, what they/you like and then you narrow the search through the endless gifts for men that are available. A little effort is worthwhile, and will be received as warmly as the gift. Happy hunting. gadget. you can check has reviewed some cool gadget. etc.

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