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Top Surgeon Dr. Barone Expands Skin Care Beauty Line With Cutting Edge, FDA Approved Technology

Dr. Barone

Dr. Barone

Dr. Barone, one of America’s top surgeons, has announced the expansion of her skin care line, now available for purchase. Lauded by celebrities such as Julie Lake from OITNB, and used by celebrity make-up artists such as Real Housewives’ cosmetics consultant Jared Lipscomb, her product line is quietly becoming a favorite among beauty insiders.

As a leading plastic surgeon in San Antonio with a state-of-the-art facility and spa, Dr. Barone brings an expert’s touch to her skin products. Dr. Barone has always had a passion for bringing the best out in people, and prides herself on staying on the cutting edge, be it the medical industry or cosmetics. Bringing a surgeon’s precision to the table, she insists on the best in her products. “I have clinical trials conducted for FDA approval on all of my cosmetic products. As a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with my own skin care line, I insist on top-of-line quality for my clients,” she said.

Dr. Barone’s foray into skin care began with the simple question, “How can I make my clients’ experience better?” After helping so many clients with the effects of aging in the O.R., she wanted to give them the tools to prevent the effects of aging early on.

The expansion of Dr. Barone’s skin care line coincides with an industry-wide emphasis put on skin, and an upward trend in both men and women seeking to maintain excellent skin care. “I’m delighted to see that there’s a new emphasis put on the skin. Sixty is the new 40,” she said. “Especially if you maintain your looks and stay active.”

When Dr. Barone developed her new skin care line, she wanted the pinnacle of cosmetics to meet the best of medicine, which is why her products pack such punch.

As celebrity make-up artist Jared Lipscomb puts it, “A lot of people in cosmetics come to it from a beauty background. It’s exciting to see someone who comes from a medical background. Dr. Barone brings that extra level of credibility to her products.” Jared, who was recently featured on E!, thinks this is the future of skin care. “It all starts with great skin. Buying skin care products from skin care professionals, as opposed to cosmetic companies is just good sense. They have medical research on their side.”

Dr. Barone’s expanded line has also recently been featured on ABC’s San Antonio Live, and in MD Monthly. Meanwhile, her luxury products continue to be a favorite among her clients in San Antonio, at her Elegante Surgery and Spa Skin Care Center.

Here are a few highlighted products in her current line:

Tinted Physical Sunscreen

This broad spectrum SPF 50 sunscreen evens skin tone and uses Iron Oxide and advanced light-diffusing pigment to prevent skin damage. The sunscreen is mattifying, can be used all day, and provides oil control and gentle hydration. With green tea extracts, and a powerful blend of antioxidents, it calms and brightens the skin while quenching dryness. With its universal pigment technology, the tinted sunscreen blends with all skin tones.

Retinol Plus Smoothing Serum 3x

This serum diminishes the signs of aging and supports all skin regimens including acne regimens. This smoothing serum is proven to reduce the appearance of age, as well as reduce the appearance of age spots and pore size. It contains all-trans-retinol, which helps to enhance the turnover rate of skin, and support healthy regrowth. The cutting edge serum combines the power of Green Tea Polyphenols, which ensures minimal irritation and drying, with the moisture binding qualities of Hyaluronic Acid, leaving patients with smoother, firmer and more evenly toned skin.

Eye Serum

This lightweight serum delivers heavyweight performance that moisturizes, firms and brightens the delicate skin around the eyes. Combining a high concentration of multi-layered Liposome Technology with vitamins A-C-E, Green Tea, and Co-Q10, this serum nourishes the skin while providing antioxident protection from free-radical damage. A perfect complement to glycolic therapies, it relieves fine lines and improves overall texture.

Other products made by Dr. Barone include Skin Tone Enhancement Therapy Lotion, Brightening Vitamin C Serum, Gentle Anti-oxident Soothing Cleaner, Enriched Retinol Eye Cream, Clarifying Brightening Polish, Sheer Physical Sunscreen, Firming Neck Cream, Retinol Plus Smoothing Serum 5X, Advance Firming Body Lotion, Restorative moisturizer, and Glycolic 10% Moisturizing Cleanser.

For information on Dr. Barone’s top of line products, visit her website, connect with her in-store, or book a free consultation

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