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Want to Sew? Here is How to Choose a Good Sewing Machine

Affordable sewing machines from unknown brands are plentiful, but may not be the best choice.

Anyone who wants to attempt more advanced tasks should consider buying a sewing machine from a well-known brand.

If you decide to expand your collection of sewing machine accessories at a later stage it is easier to find items from well-known brands.

In fact, if you buy a machine from an unknown brand it may be impossible to find accessories at all. Established brands include:

  • Brother
  • Singer
  • Juki
  • Janome
  • Elna
  • Bernina
  • Toyota

Brother and singer sewing machines tend to be affordable for basic models and offer more features per price class than other brands.

However, all the brands mentioned are known for producing good quality sewing machines.

Although it may be tempting to buy the cheapest machine available that meets your immediate needs, do not make this mistake if you are serious about sewing.

It is easy to outgrow a machine, so try to buy one that has some extra features that you would like to use in future. It is better to buy the best machine so you can avoid having to upgrade it soon.

You may deny it or not, but sometimes relying on the brand to find the best machine for a beginner or intermediate is a very safe rule, especially if you are not that expert on the specs stuff.

Three of the best brands on the market today that offer good deals for beginners are Brother, Janome, and Singer.

If you try to read the different sewing machine reviews, these three brands have gained at least 4 out of 5 stars for most of their products.

All these sewing machines are perfect for beginners or experts.  These companies truly offer good sewing machines options at a reasonable cost.

What to look for when buying a Sewing Machine

Have you ever sat back and wondered which of the various sewing machine brands is the best? This has been a matter of controversy for many customers and potential sewing machine buyers.

Nevertheless, to actually analyze the advantages and downfalls of each, a series of factor must be taken into consideration.

Once these factors are evaluated, it will be easy to decipher which of the many types of sewing machines is the best.

The following are a few points that can be used to evaluate the quality of the brands currently available on the market:

Ease of use: finding a very easy to use sewing machine can be a bit of a task, since many changes are applied to various models on a frequent basis.

The ideal sewing machine should be one that is basically self – explanatory. This simply means that the instructions for use are clearly demonstrated on a manual and reflected on the surface of the machine.

The best sewing machines should show a step by step approach for usage, storage and transport.

Failure of any brands to portray such important details automatically removes it from the league of “best sewing machine brand”.

Sewing Machine

Handling of fabric: fabric handling is another important issue to consider when searching for the best sewing machine brand.

Some machines may pull your fabric, while other may cause the fabric to gather unnecessarily.

The ideal sewing machine avoids both and allows smooth feeding of the fabric so that the stitch pattern is evenly distributed along the seam or area in question.

Stitch performance: to consider a sewing machine brand as the best, the way in which the stitching is performed should be accurate and effective. The ideal sewing machine should be able to adjust to suit the needs of the fabric so that each stitch is neat.

The performance of such a machine should not deteriorate with changes in the quality or thickness of the fabric.

Versatility: this feature is of utmost importance since the best sewing machine brand should be able to multitask; that is, such a machine should be able to perform a wide range of sewing jobs that go from basic stitching to bigger and more complex tasks, such as embroidering.

Durability: what good would a sewing machine be, if it was to last for a short period? In fact, the best sewing machine brand must be able to withstand the test of time and work.

Design: the best sewing machine brand should be ergonomically designed; this simply means that the machine must be very user friendly and the design must be done in such a way that all human interaction with the machine is safe and comfortable.

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