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Why is MicroRhinoplasty Important?


Microrhinoplasty is one of the most advanced techniques used in nasal surgery. The nose can easily be restructured with the help of this technique to improve its functions and appearance.  This advanced technique allows the surgeons to reduce a bump or hump in a less invasive manner on the nose as compared to traditional and old osteotomy. Osteotomy is an old technique which is used for hump reduction but the main disadvantage of this technique is that nasal bones are manually repositioned or fractured.

While this advanced technique is performed without repositioning or breaking the bones. It offers the patients less invasive alternative. This is one of the best technique for both men and women for reducing bump or hump and it is done purely for medical purposes or for aesthetic purposes. Microrhinoplasty operation under general anesthesia and it takes arround 2-3 hours also this operation is the best for second rhinoplasty and deviation problems.Air powered micro saw is used in this technique which removes that bump layer by layer and in this way bones are not fractured or repositioned.

There are lots of reasons due to which it is important and these reasons range from medical issues to simply improve the appearance of the nose. This technique is necessary for patients which exist in these two categories. First patients who want to remove the hump or bump on the nose which is caused by injuries or accidents. Second category patients are those who are born with a little hump or bump and they want this hump or bump to be eliminated.

There are lots of patients who have structural problems in their nose which as a result disturb their ability to breathe. Sometimes the nose of the patient is damaged due to accidents or injuries so this technique is also helpful in this situation. Also, on the other hand, this technique is now becoming more and more popular because most of the peoples do this use it purely for cosmetic purposes.

Benefits of MicroRhinplasty

There are lots of advantages of this advanced technique but some of them are as follows.
It will improve the appearance as well as functions of the nose without repositioning or fracturing the bones of the nose.
There are lots of cases in which patients suffer from nose structural problems which results in disruption of breath so this technique is helpful in this situation.
This technique only takes 10 to 15 minutes so that’s why there is no recovery time included in this technique for the patient.
During this operation or surgery, the patient will experience little bit or no pain, less bruising and swelling.


This is one of the best options for such patients who want to improve the appearance of the nose without fracturing the bones. The appearance of the nose is very important for anyone who wants to feel comfortable about his appearance. The one of the best parts of this operation is that it only takes 10 to 15 minutes and there is no recovery time included in this operation.

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