When it’s summertime all we want is to spend time outdoors. BBQs, beach gatherings, family vacations to share summer joys with friends and relatives. But, youngsters nowadays prefer pool parties to other pastime activities, and it’s not surprisingly: exquisite cocktails, ladies in bikinis and fun fun fun! Usually, young gals want to stand out among other bodies in swimsuits, so here some advice on how to look stylish and extremely fashionable at the pool party!

  1. Accessorize your outfit

The simple bikini can look dull without any pieces of jewelry or accessories. Belly waist chains are in trend now and will attract more glances! You can also make your pool party dress shinier wearing some long colorful earrings. And don’t forget about clutch bags! Find one to suit your sandals or swimming suit color.

  1. Wear fancy bathing suit

If you want to be a trendsetter at a pool party, you can’t go without a trendy bikini. Vintage fashion is back in vogue, so hit the mall and look for high-waisted bathing suits. All those white and red stripes and patterns can make your waist look slimmer and accentuate on buttocks.

  1. Set the pace with your hairstyle!

Hairstyles are always making the look chic. Choose a hairstyle considering the shape of your face and length of the hair. The girly look can go perfectly with braids, and short curls will seem pretty and playful. Browse hairdos tutorials online and learn how to make a perfect bun or soft waves. Add small hairpins for you hairstyle to stay flawless all night long.

  1. Remember about makeup!

You may say: wearing makeup to a pool party you end up having your mascara run. But, waterproof mascara exists, and in duo with pastel eye shadows will make you the party queen! You can also wear Indian red or rose gold lipstick to accent on your beautiful lips.


  1. Turn on your smile!

Believe it or not, a smile is thought to be the best curve of the woman. Being happy and cheerful, you will have no need to take on extra accessories. You can always find a thing to worry about, but try to stay tuned for the party! Though, a considerable pile of homework can get on your nerves. In such case, you may find help at free your mind for the party joy!

  1. Protect you head from the summer sun

Looking for pool party outfit ideas don’t forget about the hat! To avoid sunstrokes, choose a cute hat to protect your head from excessive sunlight. You don’t need to buy one especially for the party: a hat borrowed from your man will guarantee you the classiest looking outfit!

  1. Choose a voguish towel

Beach towel is ‘must’ for a pool party. Toss your old ‘Justin Bieber’ towel and get yourself a bright and simple one. Prefer a large towel to make all your friends sit comfortably with you. Moreover, a wide towel will be useful to dry yourself faster, and you can place it on your shoulders to prevent sunburn.

  1. Bring sunglasses

Sunglasses have plenty of functions: they protect your eyes, make your outfit more fashionable, and they are great at holding your hair when putting on a head. A true fashionista knows that stylish glasses can even influence the job prospects. Wearing cat eyes glasses, you are letting out your inner sexy goddess. Nevertheless, good old ray bans are still staying in the top places in style charts.

  1. Denim shorts in power!

Putting on your trendy denim shorts will be a win-win idea! Prefer classy jeans shorts instead of another piece of dressing to look fancy. They have their undeniable advantages: they are short, trendy and can profitably show your thin waist! Don’t hurry to but those shorts: you can do it yourself with no effort! Take a pair of old jeans and cut off the pant legs. Then try on your new shorts and make sure the length is comfortable for you. If you already have a pair of denim shorts enhance them using scissors and tweezers. You can cut small holes with scissors and remove a few threads with tweezers to impress all the guys on the party with a DIY chick outfits!

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