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Wild Growth Hair Oil


A person’s hair is their crowning glory. At least that is what most of the hair product ads say.  In the hair care market, therefore, one can never be too careful about the kind of products they buy. Do those products live up to their hype, or do they leave your hair in a worse off condition? One of these products you might have heard of is wild growth hair oil.

A Little about Wild Growth Hair Oil

Wild growth hair oil is a natural blend of oils and other nutrients that promote and retains hair growth.  It can be used by anybody because it works for all hair types.
Some of the ingredients used to make this type of hair oil include:

Coconut oil, which gives hair its luster
Olive oil, both virgin and refined, which softens hair
Jojoba oil, which has antibreakage properties
Vitamins D
Minerals such as magnesium, calcium and phosphorous, which is responsible for the pungent smell of the oil
There are, of course, many other ingredients in the oil. All of them are food quality and natural, so most people do not have adverse reactions to it. When used properly, wild growth hair oil not only acts as a hair strengthener and moisturizer but also as a hair growth enhancer and a softener for all hair types.
Anyone who wants to get desired results using this product should follow some of the following guidelines:

Apply the oil sparingly to the scalp when hair is either slightly damp as recommended or dry
Apply 5-10 drops per quarter section of hair for non-African hair, and 20 drops for African hair
Apply the oil while going to bed and wash it off in the morning. This prevents users from retaining the oil’s pungent smell

What does Wild Growth Hair Oil Do?

This oil is a multipurpose one. Some of its functions include:

  • Thickening hair: According to the producers about a month of using this oil should leave the user with a mane of voluminous, bouncy hair
  • Moisturizing it: healthy hair needs to be moisturized to prevent breakage and split edges, and wild growth hair oil is purported to do just that
  • Working the kinks: some hair types are incredibly tangled. This oil is supposed to make such hair manageable enough to comb and style without hair damage
  • Elongate hair
  • Prevent hair from getting dandruff and other scalp conditions
  • Help maintain hair styles such as straight kits and perms
  • Soften coarse hair and even texture throughout the hair
  • Promote healthy look and feel of hair

Does Wild Growth Hair Oil Work?
For most people, it does. Many people who have used this product for about a month have reported getting longer hair within that time frame. Similarly, wild growth hair oil users with thinning hair have thicker hair after a while, while others report having less itchy scalps and hair breakages than before.
While this product only seems too good to be true for some, for others it is. People who react to sulfur may feel itchierafter using this product.

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