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One Click Shooter – Fashion Photographer Who Knows When To Stop

Advertising Photographer

Advertising Photographer

A One Click Shooter is a professional who knows when he has captured a great shot, even without checking to confirm. He is the best Los Angeles fashion photographer.

Working as a full time fashion photographer was my dream, and I made that dream into a reality. There aren’t many of us who are lucky enough to live their dreams, and wonder where they went wrong. I can only speak for myself, and what allowed me to achieve my dreams was hard work, dedication, and my passion to be a top fashion photographer.

Today, I am at a point in life where I am well traveled, and well-known around the world for the worked I have covered in the fashion industry. I have work with countless models, and corporations; and I could do this for the rest of my life.

Every project is a new experience, that allows me to grow. And to be honest a lot of my growth came from watching and studying fashion photography. As I simply did not want to be handy with a camera, I was keen to learn every aspect of my field. Which has allowed me to thrive at the top, with other leading photographers.

One interesting thing I noticed when I studied fashion photography was the photographers. There were many that simply took a single shot, and moved on the “One Click Shooter”. This was back when I was still learning photography, and the wonders it had to offer. A one click shooter is not common, but they are not as uncommon as you think.

The concept stuck with me, but I was unable to grasp the idea of not checking my work before I walked away. Years passed, and the one click shooter concept had slipped my mind. Until one day, when I was covering a fashion show in Milan. It just happened, and I still remember the moment exactly. There is so much to cover during a fashion show, that checking each photograph is impossible. However, I was covering the entrance when the last person I wanted to cover stopped, I clicked a photograph and walked away.

It was then that I realized that I was a one click shooter, that it was not something you could learn. But something time and practice teaches you. If you are comfortable with your camera, and your skills, there are times when you just know you have captured the perfect shot.

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