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Saucin Trendz

I first started SaucinTrendz in 2016 as result of noticing that my $10 a week allowance was not keeping up with my busy social lifestyle. I paired my creativity and entrepreneurial spirit with the unique social environment of a teenager. I had developed different sayings to express myself. I based my brand off of something that I feel everyone can wear. Many of my influences are from the music that I listen to and the hip hop culture overall.

I noticed that when I went shopping for myself at stores that were geared towards my generation, I would often tell myself why did I not do this? There is a particular store that I like, that spark the thought that I could venture out and try to build a company. The idea of everyone rocking the latest gear with my form of slang seemed kind of cool to me. That is sort of how my brand name came to be SaucinTrendz.

So I did what everyone does when he or she have an idea and want to start a business, I asked for a loan! Well, in my case, I did not go to the bank but to my parents. It took me over a year to get my designs and ideas running. My first sales came from my schoolmates. It seemed like everything I created, sold out. This gave me the drive to keep creating more.


SaucinTrendz DNA is Hip Hop-Culture, Generation Z, Old Skool and features custom screen-printed apparel and written statements that range from witty to poignant. It was imperative to me to create apparel that not only spoke to my generation but was developed by someone that was from my generation. I know I have a lot to improve on, but I stay very grounded to our loyal followers (#TrendzSquad), to know what the latest and greatest is. They are the creative blood in our cottony veins. I thrive on their ingenuity and social media activity to ensure that I bring only the best designs to life.

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