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Adding Fullness To Your Hair Has Never Been Easier  


Are you plagued by thinning or flat hair?  Thin hair can be an issue for many. Whether the cause is genetics, hair damage or just a bad hair day, do not feel alone in the struggle for volume.  No matter the circumstances, there are ways to add volume to any hair type.  It is not impossible to get voluminous tresses.

There are many ways to achieve full-bodied hair.  Using styling tricks, the proper products, hair hacks and more can bring life and body to your hair. Tricks used by professionals to create volume are easy enough for anyone to give a try.  Using multiple tools, styles, products and accessories can add volume or the illusion of fuller hair.


Add volume to your hair by heat styling with a diffuser. No matter the length or texture of your hair, a diffuser can be your new best friend. It does not take a professional to properly use a diffuser. Begin with fresh washed hair and attach the diffuser piece to the blow dryer.  Hold your head at an angle for the best results, tilted to one side. Place the diffuser at the root of your hair and move the tool in circular motions. Have the heat setting to medium to resist heat damage. This will not only add volume but also eliminate frizz.


Once the hair is diffused, choosing a style is the next step in optimizing volume.  Curls and waves will add volume naturally. Add some bounce to your hair no matter the length. For very short hair, tousled waves to a pixie cut or short bob will be great for fuller hair. Medium to long hair can benefit from loose waves and curls. Find the wave pattern that works for your hair.


Once you have the style, using the right products to ensure a long-lasting style with healthy hair is important.  Of course the style and tools can create the illusion of volume. Using products that actually thicken hair strands will double the effect.  Opt for products labeled as volumizing or, if you prefer natural hair products, products that are not heavy. Heavy products can weigh on the hair strand causing it to be limp and thin. Use volumizing hair sprays, shampoos, conditioners and mousses in every step of your hair routine.


Luxury hair extensions are the perfect styling accessory to create volume. Clip-in hair extensions are a great and easy way to boost volume with any hair style.  Clip in extensions are customizable and can be heat styled, shampooed and treated as your real hair. Using clip-in or crown extensions will not only add volume but will also add length and body to any style.

Hair Hacks

Managing hair and ensuring volume remains after styles are worn is also a breeze. Keeping your ends clipped regularly is one way to add volume to your hair.  Keep a pair of semi-professional hair shears in your styling arsenal to maintain split ends in between salon trips. Sleeping with rollers or even with your hair up in a ponytail can also add to volume. Use these tips for the bombshell hair you deserve.

My name is Christopher Guest and I write for The Lauren Ashtyn Collection.

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