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Choosing The Best Barber Clippers for the Suave Gentleman

Whether you’re looking for a precision hair clipper for trimming your beard occasionally, regular manscaping or keeping your balding crown on point, a good and reliable electric trimmer makes more than just a good unit. In fact, it is an excellent way to saving hundreds of dollars that would otherwise be spent in a professional haircut salon. However, the market is flooded with dozens of hair clipper models, sizes, and varieties. To the regular man, choosing an appropriate trimmer from a host of hundreds which look equally as good is nothing short of a shopping dilemma. Some even resort to trial and error with the hope of landing a quality piece by a stroke of luck.

Fortunately, here at The Barbr, we are dedicated to helping you look the part by redefining your barber’s realm through quality masculine advice. Apart from his shoes, a man’s crown of glory is the next other thing that defines his style. In line with this, here is a quick primer on how to identify the best barber clippers for your personal grooming needs.

1. Durability – You will want to go with a clipper that serves for more than a just a few weeks. So pay attention to the build quality of the machine before even delving deeper.

2. The Price – As much as the most expensive models aren’t necessarily the best barber clippers on the market, you should be wary of extraordinarily cheap models.

3. Weight – Your ideal beard trimmer ought to be light enough to be easily maneuverable without hurting your arm especially since most of the time you will be doing your own grooming.

All in all, landing the best clipper is an intersection of your personal preferences, functionality, and budget.

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