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Printed Leggings Club


Are you one of the many women who love the look and feel of leggings but you can’t seem to ever have enough of them? Then Printed Leggings club is perfect for you!

With the Printed Leggings club, you can choose from a unique array of leggings! Created with a stretchy and ultra comfortable Polyester material, you are sure to look awesome in each pair of our high-quality 100% brand new leggings!

Subscribe to the club for a 12 month subscription and you can reward yourself with little gifts each month! After 6 months we will send you a little ‘thank you’ gift. You can choose from a wide variety of printed legging styles including floral, diamond and even Tetris prints. You have a choice of two subscription options. With the first subscription you can get 1, 2, or 3 pairs of the all different design of leggings sent to you each month. Or if you choose the second subscription, you can get 2, 3, or 4 of the same leggings with new designs each month.

Both subscription options are offered for the low cost of $20/month. Not to mention that on both subscriptions you will get free delivery WORLDWIDE! Sizes that are offered range from XS (extra small) to L (large). Need a bigger size? Don’t fret, specially made leggings can be produced for you at your request.If you do not wish to take part in a subscription plan, you can also purchase individual leggings direct from our store.

But why only purchase these beautiful leggings for yourself? Individual leggings and monthly subscriptions also make great gifts for the mothers, aunts and daughters in your life!
So do not waste any more time shopping from store to store to find mediocre leggings. Join the Club, join the today and treat yourself to the high life!

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