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Metallic Shiny Gold Car Ribbon

 Like a brand new car for your daughter’s sweet sixteen birthday?

Or a giant teddy bear for your nephew who just had his tonsils taken out?

Here’s what you do!

Our 23″ glossy gold bow is perfect for embellishing car hoods, windshields,

brand new bikes, big box gifts, giant stuffed animals and more! It’s a great “finishing touch”!


The bow is neatly tied in the shape of a traditional gift bow – but 100X the size! Made with 6″ wide glossy thick poly ribbon 23″ diameter measured between ends of loops. When the 28″ tails are spread apart horizontally, the total width becomes 56″.

The positioning of the bow allows you to display it without minimizing the beauty of the real gift, and allows the real gift to take center stage while simply accenting it.

We’re sure that you’ll go for our bow, but if not, we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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