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5 Tips for College Students to be Fashionable on a Budget


Every student wants to look stylish on a budget. Unfortunately, every shopper faces steep prices on the fashionable clothing in boutiques. There is an assumption that it is impossible to have a fashionable outfit without a solid amount of money on the bank account. It is nothing but a stereotype because a person can look ridiculous even in the most expensive clothing if he does not keep to simple rules of clothes matching. An ability to have a stylish and expensive look is a thing that anyone can learn. You can develop this skill, train it, and amaze your surroundings with exceptionally sophisticated appearance. Just keep to the following tips of smart dressing on a low budget and experience.

1-Get rid of old clothing wisely


In building a wardrobe it is important to get rid of unnecessary items firstly. You may have things that you used to wear frequently, but they are worn to holes. Or you may have bought a T-shirt in H&M that were good, but you still have not found in combination with what to wear it. Be resolute to admit that you don`t need these clothing anymore and say it goodbye. Moreover, you can get benefit from the part of the wardrobe to which you have lost attraction and that you found useless. Some other people may really be in need of it. So, you have the option to sell those stuff at online shopping platforms like E-bay. You can also sell it at the local fairs. In such a way you will free the space for new clothing and earn some money for low budget shopping.

2.Find your tailor


Cheap stylish clothes from H&M can end up looking better than a $200 dress from a designer with just a couple quick stitches. Remember that expensive fashionable clothing can harm your look if it simply does not suit your figure. If you ask for an advice of a tailor he can change any clothes according to the features of your body. You can find a tailor on the internet by entering a request “fix my clothes” as easy as like you are looking for the academic research writer and type “write essay for me”. In addition, he can make little, but meaningful upgrades in your dressing. For example, if you replace inelegant cheap buttons and zippers with sophisticated high-quality ones, your outfit will obtain more expensive and fashionable look. However, the work of a tailor cannot meet your low budget expectations. In this case, we suggest you ask for services of clothes design faculties, they are much cheaper and interested in order as in an opportunity for personal practice.

3. Create a basic wardrobe


To stay in trend you don`t have to purchase immediately newly-designed products. Provide yourself with classic items that will serve your outlook needs for the comparatively long period of time. There are garments  that will never go out from fashion for sure. To them refer:
court shoes;
pencil skirt
classic jeans;
column dress;
You can always create unique and stylish images with this clothing at affordable prices.

4. Learn how to match colours


A person who has a taste for style first al all must be able to combine items of different colours in her look. If you wear a pink top with khaki pants and blue bag you will look ridiculous even if these items are created by designers. However, if you match a white blouse that you bought for an affordable price with inexpensive dark blue jeans and with the black backpack, you will look presentable and stylish.

5. Helping second hand


It is obvious that with the overwhelming number of clothing producers the number of thrift shops increases сountinuously in a brace of shake. Some people squeamish about second-hand shops because they cannot wear an item that was worn before by someone else. Another reason for people to avoid second-hands is that it requires many efforts to catch a thing you like in the piles of stuff. However, there are many individuals who dress only in thrift stores and amaze their environment with the unique style created by cheap stylish clothes. Remember that those who seek will find, so second hands always contain dresses from past collections that contain unique item unavailable anywhere,but here.

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