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5 Outfits for Every Type of Night Out in College

College life opens a world of unforgettable parties. The occasion to go somewhere to hang out can face you not only due to some celebration. The truth is that student`s life is unpredictable and you cannot plan when will you go tonight. That is why every girl must be prepared for any force majeure. The sense of preparation, of course, is in the way you will dress for the night out. It is too pricey to buy a new dress for every occasion. So, the problem of what to wear to the party is always actual. However, if you are aware of basic outfits that will make you 100% stylish at the party, you will surprise everyone with fresh looks using existing items of your wardrobe. Just check the following list with cheap trendy clothes that match with common student fashion trends.

1. Stockings


There are pieces of wardrobe that will always be in trend. If you have them, you have the power to diversify your image. Talking about stockings, they perfectly match with the array of styles. You can easily order few pairs on clothing websites. It is as easy as how to find college paper writing service reviews. That is the reason that you can put on them with dark dresses and with tunics of pastel tones. Many girls face with the problem to wear or not to dress when the weather is cold. The pair of stockings warm your legs and make them look more attractive. To complete the outlook put a long knitwear cardigan on. And keep to the three-color rule: do not overwhelm your look with pieces of clothing of more than three colors.

2. Go monochrome


Some girls that do not know what wear for party think that it is the good idea to choose all garish items from their wardrobe. In fact, night outs do not require you to dress brightly. Remember that dark colours look the most elegant so if your outfit contains them you are on velvet. Do not be afraid that monochrome outlook will make you a grey man at the party. If you compensate it with the bright makeup you will turn to the vamp woman. Also, different accessories can diversify your look. The most universal is a black hat. Hats match perfectly with dresses, skirts, shorts, jeans and make you noticeable at the party.

3. Circular skirt


I will not suggest anyone put on pencil skirt or dress to the party. It is impossible to dance, to sit and to feel relaxed in such “narrow” clothing. Another disadvantage of such dress is that only girls with flawless figure can wear them and look fabulous. A perfect dress for the night out is the one with the circle skirt. Visit some online boutiques to order the one for you. They are in trend since the 60s and they guarantee sophisticated outlook for ladies. Girls with the ample curves can wear them too and look thinner. In addition, this skirt flutters wonderfully in the wind.

4. Low neck


Every girl wants to look tempting. She can get such result if she wears clothing with the low neck. This season it is better to buy a low neck pullover. It will warm you during the sweater weather and give you a tender look at the party. Pay attention to such fabrics as cashmere or velvet. They are the most pleasant to the touch. There is a range of low neck pullover in boutiques at the end of the season, so you can buy eat in the middle of the fall or before Christmas with a high discount.

5. Put a mask


Girls with the sense of humour are appreciated more by the community. You can have different night outs, also the thematic ones. So, if you want to have fun you must look fun! Buy some masks and admit everyone that you are not afraid to look ridiculous. Guys also enjoy making selfie in different masks, so this attribute nowadays is very essential.

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