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Then look good fairy skirt, or to rely on!


Another lovely dress, also not reasonable collocation to patronize.

Better than slits design perspective

This is especially for some of the legs are not very nice legs sister. If your legs are long and thin, the two of them will be charming.

The half perspective dress, actually somewhat more flavor, said this dim feeling is the sexiest, so a sound understanding of the perspective effect will be more people staring at your legs look. And if it happens that your legs don’t look right, the results will be hideous. And so, as a talented barelegged slits design dress sexy, it not only more advanced, is also superior in temperament.


Recommended hundreds of times are not too many wrapped body skirt, the effect of the show is completely invincible state of the invincible. A variety of meat arm bucket waist, although you can not let you look at the backbone, but can be effectively alleviated. The color is also good, relatively straightforward and elegant, understated.

Ethnic style of long skirt, back design is somewhat exposed, single words are very suitable to wear out on vacation. Everyday wants to wear no problem, just to fall, mix a denim jacket, wear to work is not an issue!


With contrast single product, win in style

Mix the essence of contrast, want to wear a beautiful dress beauty is a key to a modest increase in Hale elements, to make the overall look sweet but not greasy. Leather or denim jacket collocation or even we just said two days before the camouflage suit. The properties of the strong single product can resolve all the sweet! And this trick, it is also the most suitable for the fall you use a thing!

Shirt style skirt is best to control

If you do not grasp on the choice of solid color shirt, dress shirt design is not so liberal and dignified, pick temperament, stylish effect effortlessly on it. And even in the fall, but also too good to take!

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