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How Every Women Can Quickly Tone Their Body


Women are so busy these days and they often need quick workouts which fit their hectic schedules. If you’re in the same boat, you should know that there are ways to get fit fast. Today, we’d like to show you three ways that every woman can quickly tone her body. Once you’ve learned these lightning-fast techniques, you’ll be one step closer to a great looking body and better level of fitness.

Do a Brief Fifteen Minute Run

Cardio exercise is an important part of staying fit and toned. Running is cardio exercise and doing it for even fifteen minutes per day will help you to raise your heart rate and burn calories. Some women run for a bit during their lunch hours, while others run before work or after work. Experts believe that by performing at least fifteen minutes of running each day, it is enough time to tone your legs and kick start your metabolism. But even if you are not a runner, a fast paced walk can be quite beneficial as well.

Start Performing Muscle Strengthen Exercises For Your Entire Body

Women often focus on their cardio and lower body (legs), but they are missing out on their upper body. Not only does working out your upper body help burn additional calories but also it strengthens those muscles defining a sexier and toner looking body.

Instead of continually working out the lower part of your body in each gym session, start branching out into exercises like bicep curls, bench press, chins ups and shoulder press. Performing resistance exercises with small dumbbells (weighing three to five pounds each) can be very effective in toning particular or groups of muscles.

You could even work out your arms while you’re sitting down. It’s all about performing muscle strengthening movements which create plenty of resistance and then repeating those movements. Even 20 minutes of muscle strengthening exercises will be effective in terms of toning, so this can be a quick way to tone up during a lunch break or before work.

Perform High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) With Ab Exercises

Sit-ups are tough, but they do get results especially in a HIIT program. Since HIIT only takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete, it’s a great way to raise your metabolism while toning your stomach. While there are a range of new ab exercises, often people new to exercising will find them difficult to complete. In general, the simple, old-fashioned exercises are great for a quick workout or HIIT program. Other exercises you might want to include in your HIIT are crunches, leg lifts and jumping jacks.

Especially when you are starting a HIIT ab program for the first time, get back to basic by including exercises that you learned in gym class and do them for as long as possible before trying one of the new ab exercises. It will help you build and tone a solid core before moving on to intermediate or advanced exercises.

Now that you know some effective ways to tone your body, which don’t take a lot of time and provide great results, you’ll be ready to move forward and get fit. But before you do, it is worth noting the importance of protein to toning your body. To really get the most out of your toning efforts make sure are eating enough protein as it helps strengthen and tone muscle, if you can’t seem to eat enough especially after a workout then you might be interested in a powder protein, my favourite is the Scivation Whey but in generally any whey protein such as a WPI or WPC is effective as well.

To sum it up it’s all about eating enough protein and choosing to do a little bit of exercise whenever you can, rather than spending a lot of time working out. Once you’ve mastered these mini-workouts, you’ll be ready to move forward and build up to longer workouts when you do have time for them.

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