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The most basic collocation rule, remember these 8 words


I often emphasize the high waist line can be significantly high, but a lot of new powder is confused, the collocation straight is how it happened? So I will teach you today, the most basic collocation rules, as long as remember these 8 words:

Either close the waist, or show a leg.

“Waist” refers to the obvious waist, including folding coat hem plug waist; “legs” refers to expose the leg line, including wear tight pants.

In daily life, want to wear thin fan, or wear a waist style, or the waist coat hem plug head; or shorts, wearing short skirts or pants; of course, you can also both “waist” and “legs”.

Of course, if you are not high, fat, or thick legs, then follow the waist or leg, or “the law, and put on the high-heeled shoes, then you will look a lot of tall and slim!

Loose blouse + Jumpsuit skirt, bunt, coat hem not plug waist head, belong to “barelegged”.

Of course, if you are not thin, leg type is not fine, then it is recommended that you with a long narrow shoe type of shallow mouth shoes, it is best to bring a point with, so you will be more significantly thinner.

All short skirt shorts, all belong to the “dew leg””. So the body skirt or pants, even coat hem not plug waist head, also not squat (of course shoes styles can not show short legs)

Very popular in recent years a large split ends and asymmetrical hem of the skirt. This kind of dress may not seem like a skirt, but walking leg curve can also be counted as a partly hidden and partly visible, a “leg” outfit.

Split skirt, the autumn can also be collocation sweater, sweaters, hoodies wear.

“On the wide under the tight” type dew leg

When you wear loose clothes without obvious waist, pay attention to the “rule of collocation barelegged” is in fact follow the “wide tight”. Therefore, wearing a loose shirt, with tight pants, can also belong to the exposed legs”.


“Waist” mean fold obvious waist, waist and hem plug includes a jacket to coat hem to tie a knot in the waist, jacket, wearing midriff in at the waist belt etc..

Generally, that is: above you, the trunk below the chest crotch line, there must be a clear up.

Generally wear long skirts, in the middle of the skirt, should pay attention to “waist”, will show a thin, have the temperament.

“Waist” does not necessarily have to plug the coat hem waist and waist, short coat, can also show the X profile through the waist. visit now

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