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Five kinds of methods of windbreaker look


At this time of the year, will have a girl asked me about the coat collocation. So today we come to new, of course, I will according to the epidemic dynamics of each season, adding some new content.

Five kinds of collocation are an energy-saving standard double-breasted coat.

1, a double breasted coat was open to wearing, take the dress on foot with a variety of high-heeled shoes, ballet shoes, Le Fuxie and so on.

2, double breasted coat, sleeves rolled up, collocation pencil skirt, A word skirt, hot pants, feet on a variety of high-heeled shoes, ballet shoes, Le Fuxie and so on.

3, double breasted coat, collocation sturdy Leggings + shoes with proper scarves and sunglasses, will look very elegant bourgeoisie.

4, the double breasted coat was open to wearing, take a variety of basic models (such as striped T-shirt, T-shirt, T-shirt V white shirts, denim shirt, sweater, T-shirt based hoodies, including T or striped T-shirt collocation, have significant effect reducing age), lower body wearing nine pants. Wear shoes, canvas shoes, shoes and casual shoes lazy or ankle boots, high-heeled shoes, shoes on the feet.

5, double breasted coat, windbreaker itself without a belt, with their first belt. Of course, legs wearing boots, ankle boots, high-heeled shoes, also can.

Also, we recommend that you wear a windbreaker, remember his sleeves rolled up a little, at least his wrist, can help you visually show thin, remarkable spirit.

Because of the cold wind for two years X epidemic, completely fuzzy figure collocation is very fashionable to wear, such as coat + wide leg pants, windbreaker pants, windbreaker + Haren + loose dress, also frequently shot in the street.

The most important are also very comfortable, cover the meat, especially those slender limbs, fat are posted in the stomach, hips, thighs and upper arm, it is thin the gospel, 130 pounds 110 pounds can be disguised as a result.

My test, think the thinnest is long coat dress + + loafer / pumps. But this is a premise, is the best leather fabrics is a bit vertical sense of style, and general collocation, must at least reveal a small ankle foot neck, can display high or thin, or useless.

Said so much, in fact, I feel: just buy clear neutral style coat, as a basis, they are very all-match, even in collocation do not need to have too many scruples. In general, the spring and summer clothing, the outside directly set on a windbreaker, itself into a set.Want to buy ?? visit now

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