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Tips On How To Get a Natural Look

Tips On How To Get a Natural Look written by: Kaylee


Finding the perfect makeup to wear when going for any natural look might seem more complex than you’d think. You do not want anything too dark, too bright or too cakey.

Besides, we all aware that, that looking natural indeed require makeup application and skill as well. The best tip I have is to choose colors which resemble your skin tone and also the ones that enhance & perfect your skin. Below are some of the tips on how you can get a natural look;

  1. Moisturize. Creating a perfect base for the makeup is of great paramount. Moisturizer helps your skin through hydrating; it also promotes the anti-aging benefits. It’ll also out your skin texture thus creating a good palette to start your makeup routine.
  1. Light or power foundation. Sometimes it’s recommended to use airy liquid foundation or powder. Therefore, using a cakey makeup, for instance, does not fit the bill. Always, be certain to apply it evenly using a brush for an even and a non-streaky look. This will make your face appear naturally perfect.


  1. Conceal. Hide any fine lines, blemishes or dark circles with a concealer in order to get rid of imperfections as well as leave your skin flawless.


  1. Subtle blush. Some of the Crème Blushes works well since you may rub them whichever way you desire for a dramatic/subtle appearance. Depending on the skin color, blush colors do vary. However, peaches tend to appear great for everyone.
  1. Neutral shadows. Sweep neutral colors over the lids for a muted and beautiful eye. Identify a shade color compared to your skin tone. Anything dark will however create a dramatic eye and would not look natural.
  1. Little mascara. A small layer of mascara will make you look natural. You still need your eyes to stand out; besides, if you have some of the light lashes, putting a layer of mascara can be a great idea. If you have dark as well as full lashes, you can skip out the mascara.
  1. Nude lip. When finding a lip color, you can go for the pale pink, peaches & sand colors. Additionally, you can also apply little gloss for a simpler lip.
  1. No liner. As eyeliner is significant for a dramatic eye(s), it does not fit with a natural makeup look. Do not apply the eyeliner on the bottom or top. Not only will the face look naturally, but you will love how simple taking off the makeup can be!

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