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About HCG Drops


HCG drops are extracted from the human chorionic gonadotropin hormone. This hormone is produced naturally in the bodies of expectant women. Whereas any HCG hormone still in the pure form without the addition of other hormones is referred to as pure HCG. It is also referred to as pharmaceutical HCG.
Homeopathic HCG, on the other hand, is a form of HCG drops which does not contain much of the human chorionic gonadotropin. Therefore, you need to check the bottle of drops before you buy them. This is because pharmaceutical HCG is more effective than its homeopathic counterpart.

What Are HCG Drops?

So, what are these HCG drops? Essentially, HCG stands for the human chorionic gonadotropin, a hormone that is naturally produced by women during pregnancy for purposes of supporting the growth of the unborn fetus. The effects of this hormone were analyzed among women who underwent periods of dieting and starvation when they were pregnant to discover why they still managed to give birth to children with healthy weights. The study found that HCG actually lowers the human body’s metabolic set point. It also regulates how the body naturally metabolizes visceral fat.
HCG helped the women in the study (as well as their bodies) receive proper nutrition by maximizing both brain use and the burning of fat. Consumed with a low calorie diet, HCG drops can lead to significant weight loss.
Pros and Cons
Pros of HCG Drops
HCG drops come with a number of advantages, such as:
– They are affordable
– Compounded with the right low calorie diet, they are effective at fast weight loss in healthy ways
– These drops come with minimal to no side effects
– The drops curbs the cravings and hunger pangs that are often the cause of weight gain in the first place
– HCG drops are also affordable, especially in comparison to the other weight loss options out there
Cons of HCG Drops
However, some users have reported a number of side effects after using HCG drops. Although these side effects are minimal and safe at best, you still need to know that there is a small chance you might develop:
– Loose stools
– Nausea
– Abdominal pain
Therefore, ensure you check with your doctor before you undergo the HCG diet.


How Does HCG Drops Work For Weight Loss?

HCG drops, as you will learn from most HCG diet reviews, are designed to help normal people (including men) lose weight. The diet will trigger the same kind of reaction in the brain.
This means that once you have read the HCG diet reviews and started on these drops, your body will be able to recreate the same nutritional and weight loss benefits that was experienced by the women in the study discussed in the preceding paragraphs.
By so doing, the drops will reduce your caloric intake and add the beneficial HCG you need in your diet. By taking such small doses of the hormone and restricting the calories you take in, your body will start burning the deposits of fat stored in your body. Therefore, you will continue burning more fat without simultaneously losing the body tissue that is essential for further weight loss.
Essentially, most HCG diet reviews recommend that you limit your eating to about 500 calories for about 8 weeks while also taking HCG drops. The drops will increase the rate of metabolism in your body for faster weight loss. While on the diet, the hormone will also program your body to only stick to low fatty foods, and get rid of the high fatty substances that lead to weight gain. Therefore, you should be able to continue shedding those excess fats even after you are done with HCG drops.

How to Use HCG Drops
Your use of HCG drops will depend on your activity level, metabolism and body type. As far as possible, read a number of HCG diet reviews and follow the right diet protocol as advised by your primary physician. You should also maintain an active lifestyle for faster metabolism.
As far as possible, only use 10 to 15 drops of these drops. Ensure you do not drink or eat anything for 30 minutes prior to taking the drops. Then, place the recommended dosage right under your tongue and wait for 60 seconds before swallowing the liquid. You should also not drink or eat anything for 30 minutes after you take the drops.

Conclusion and Recommendation
Overall, most HCG diet reviews are right in the sense that completing this diet is something you are soon going to be proud off. HCG drops are so effective that you should start seeing results as soon as 24 hours after you start taking them. They will enable your body start functioning as it should because it won’t be weighed down by the extra and unnecessary stores of fat. You will also gain more natural energy and want to become more active. Try the drops out today at www.caloriesfit.com and enjoy the new and healthy lifestyle they will bring.

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