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The Versatile Actress Sarah Josephine Bosch

Photo: Robjeno. Make-up: Visabira.

Photo: Robjeno. Make-up: Visabira.

Today in our celebrity section we have the multitalented young artist Sarah Josephine Bosch. She is not only a versatile actress but also a model and singer. Looking at her natural beauty one could easily say she is made for the modeling business. Each time you get an opportunity to see her acting; her sheer talent will surely amaze you. Rather than just simply playing the role, she critically gets into the role and brings uniqueness and life into each character. Well, that is not all; her melodious and powerful voice will make you listen to her songs over and over again.

The Swiss-German actress started her career at a very young age, and she knew right from the beginning where she belongs. As a young pupil of award-winning vocal coach Barbara Wäldele Sarah attended the prestigious “Music Academy” in Switzerland. Sarah learned early on what it takes to be the best. Under the tutelage of Miss Wäldele, Sarah performed masterfully as Grizabella with the song “Memory” in the reenactment of “Cats”, Aida with the song “Easy As Life” in the reenactment of “Aida” and Charity with the song “Big Spender” in the reenactment of “Sweet Charity” and won the first place in one of the greatest musical competitions “Youth Makes Music” in Germany. Furthermore, Sarah was chosen among 50 other qualified candidates to portray the role of Destiny in the theater production “This Could Be Heaven” by composer and songwriter Richard Geppert. The show was performed at “The Burghof”, the most renowned arts center and music hall in Lörrach, Germany.

Sarah then decided to expand her career internationally. After a competitive and selective yet challenging process, she was accepted and granted a talent-based scholarship to New York Film Academy (NYFA) Acting Conservatory Program under the instruction of Emmy Award Winner Blanche Baker, Daytime Emmy Award Winner and TV Producer Michael Laibson, and Film Director Paul Warner. Shortly after arriving in New York, Sarah collaborated in NYFA’s reenactment of Silver Linings Playbook, which was directed by Emmy Award Winner Blanche Baker, who played in feature films such as Sixteen Candles, Real Deal with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Holocaust with Meryl Streep.

Sarah has performed in a lot of stage plays, and she feels that the theater is an actor’s second home. But she also adores movies and loves acting in them. Sarah has collaborated with various directors from the film industry and has played lead roles in tons of short films such as “Wrong Train”, “Insanity”, “I ate the divorce Papers”, “Je ne regrette rien”, “Tracy and Paco”, “Tikki Terror” and much more.
Modeling was a useful stepping-stone as the discipline, and the techniques of that work have helped her acting tremendously. Through her years of modeling, she has acquired a lot of knowledge on how to work with the camera, find her light, listen to directions and have fun while doing so!

Sarah Josephine Bosch is busy with her acting career and looks forward to more opportunities each day to explore new characters and new projects. Each film she works on, she gives her all because the completion of the project and the quality of that piece, be it a short film or feature, is the most important thing for Sarah. Just look at her face and you’ll see that we’re right.

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