Gimme head with hair
Long beautiful hair
Shining, gleaming
Streaming, flaxen, waxen…


Was the Broadway musical Hair written in honor of hairstylists with the passion and talent of Paul Desmarre? If it wasn’t – it certainly should have been. Of course, that tuneful play was written in the 1960s, long before Paul was born in France. And it was way before this popular hair artist began his amazing and rocket-propelled career at the Coiffirst Salon on the Champs Elysees in Paris. However long ago that musical was, it is a melodic celebration of hair – just like Paul Desmarre is.

His ecstatic intense feelings about hair and all there is to do with it has taken him from the heart of fashionable Europe to the epicenter of chic and fine taste, Beverly Hills, California. You can find Paul nowadays at the legendary Cristophe Salon, where he artistically styles hair for the rich, the famous and the simply beautiful, in one of the wealthiest and most famous cities in the universe. When he’s not at Cristophe’s, Paul is performing his magic with Exclusive Artists, also in Los Angeles.

Exclusive Artists is a dynamic management agency that represents the best of the best of the talented and established artists who do first-rate hair, makeup, grooming, and styling on both coasts. Working with Exclusive Artists has allowed Paul to explore his art and craft even further, mainly in the entertainment industry. His transformative and wide range of work is now frequently showcased by celebrities in photo shoots and music videos. He is the go-to celebrity hairdresser in town and his in-demand schedule keeps him extremely busy. Paul is the creator of the beautiful Pamela Anderson’s new pixie cut and color.

Paul is one of the most recognized young innovative stylists and hair artists in the world today. His high-profile celebrity client list is continually expanding and his innovative mind is constantly coming up with new ways to do things with hair and style in general. Paul Desmarre doesn’t just do hair – he sculpts and shapes and gently adds a touch of magic to each and every person he comes in contact with. Paul says that “respect and to be one with hair is his number one mission” – and it is very obvious that he has achieved his mission with each one of his clients.

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