Everybody can make an idea. It can be a policeman, a janitor, an actress, and even a little kid. A light bulb will pop beside on your head and lights so bright as the idea comes in. But what should you do with your great idea? They say, “Idea shapes the course of History” so ladies and gentlemen, get your pens and papers to create a great idea and make history! Let Iloiloh help you to make history.


Iloiloh is a community website  that allows everyone to sketch a product design concept and make it happen into real products. Simply having your idea is worthless unless you take an action.  With Iloiloh, they will help and guide you step by step to make your idea in reality. No need to search for a company to produce your idea. They partnered some reputable and experienced manufacturers. Iloiloh makes the process easier for you. No need to go the intimidating pathway. All you have to do is create, design, and be creative!


As easy as a pie, below are the simple steps on how to use Iloiloh:

Step 1: Signup a new account in Iloiloh.
Signing up is easy. It just needs your email address and password. Do not forget to activate your email address before creating your very first idea in Iloiloh. Signing up is a requirement as Iloiloh doesn’t allow guests to create ideas. How will you reap the advantages of Iloiloh if they don’t have your contacts, right?
Step 2: Go to the “Make Board”.
Search the image which matches your idea and click the “plus” button.  You can find more images that matches your idea and add it to your conceptualized product. If you can’t find a material you need you can always add it to the site via the ‘import item’ option. When all images are selected for your idea, click the “Create Idea” button which is found in the upper-rightmost pane of the page.


Step 3: Give details about your idea.
Enter complete details about your idea like the product’s name and describe the whole product details. You should briefly explain how the idea was formed, how it will work, and other things you can think of.
Step 4: Submit your idea and select what kind of white product.
After submitting your idea, the website allows you to choose which white product do you want to put to your idea. It can be in a white dish, a plate, a bag, and more.

Step 5: Choose the perfect blend.
Now this is the best part. Iloiloh allows you to decide which pattern or texture you wanted on your idea. This is the time you will unleash your creativity to design your idea and make a remarkable masterpiece.

Your complete designs will be a prototype and will be posted on the Idea Board page together with other Iloiloh creators and designers. Once your ideal product captures the interest of Iloiloh’s partners and manufacturers, your design is good to production. A license will be issued for you and it will not expire as long as your design is displayed on the Iloiloh’s website.


Iloiloh is a good place for fashion lovers who want to design and make their own products without paying anything. That is pretty amazing! This website will also be an inspiration other designers to make their own designs.
SO if you’re ready to kick some ass, make your great ideas spark the limelight and be displayed in the  front windows of the shops in the city!
“Everything begins with your idea.”

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