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How to find Russian women and to date them successfully

Probably it is a rainy and gloomy day today and you have just been watching the raindrops mercilessly lash out against your window. Probably you feel rejected by your whole neighborhood today, having to fight off a wave of loneliness while still dreaming about your special and dear someone. A proper woman. It happens rather often that men cannot find their perfect match in their own country, and then they begin searching elsewhere.

Russia is a great country to choose for a quest for a loving bride, or even for a good female friend or a trustworthy traveling companion. The question how to find Russian women looking for a Western husband has a rather simple but effective answer – Internet. Since you are already here on this site it is safe to assume that you are a knowledgeable user able to find the information you are searching for on the vast expanses of the global net.

Dating a Russian woman may be a tricky task

Dating a Russian woman may be a tricky task

It goes without saying that international dating sites, especially niche dating online resources specializing in Russian brides are the right places where to look. Be careful and avoid all sorts of fake dating sites that are easily spotted by the top model photos of all the ladies they feature, ubiquitously and unceremoniously.

You need to remain calm and to be patient when browsing a dating site pages and looking for attractive Russian women. Dating online can be compared to fishing – you have to prepare your fishing rod in advance, you need to know what is the right bait to use to learn how to date a Russian and you have to be aware what sort of “fish” you can count on in this particular pond. Patience is the king in this demanding process, some hit a jackpot and find their soul mate in Russia right away, others have to deal with false flags and bitter disappointments first. So, the best tactics is to proceed slowly with this task, but don’t hesitate to set the hook when you feel the timing is right for decisive action.

Dating a Russian woman may be a tricky task. Learn about the difficulties that this may entai

Dating a Russian woman may be a tricky task. Learn about the difficulties that this may entai

Russian women appreciate tactful gentlemen, pushy attitudes is a big turn-away for most of them. However, they also despise overly timid men who cannot make up their mind even when staring down the barrel of a gun. Some middle ground needs to be adhered to when dating a Russian lady online. On one hand, take initiative and don’t be shy to write first to a woman whose profile has appealed to you. On the other hand, avoid personal questions that can be interpreted as a blatant intrusion onto her private territory. Get to know this person first, try to arrange a skype video conference and see if a chemistry reaction will be born between you too.

It is hard to follow this advice, but do try to follow it to avoid shattering regrets in the future – don’t, we repeat, don’t fall in love at first sight. Every seasoned online dater knows that appearances can be misleading. A woman may have the facial features of an angel but her heart may be made of cold stone. Most men have a rather developed intuition as to whom they need as a soul mate. If something doesn’t feel right in your correspondence, if you have even a slightest doubt in your mind regarding a particular lady, stop communicating with her and block her account from sending you more letters.

Meeting Russian women IRL

After you have successfully overcome the first steps of online dating you will be ready to meet Russian women in real life. The best and the cheapest way is to ask the ladies whom you liked to come over to your country, but if you possess extra cash you can also invite them to a nice foreign resort. Russian women are fond of visiting countries with a warm weather, they adore beaches and swimming. Some really independent ladies will cover their own expenses, and who knows, if a woman develops a sensuous crush on you, she can even send you an airplane ticket herself!

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