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5 Gallon Bucket Air Conditioner

Help cut your electric bill with this simple, portable cooling device. Comes fully assembled and ready for use!

Comes fully assembled and ready for use. A simple portable cooling device which works well in small spaces with no air-conditioner access. Great for cooling a small office, tent, shed, garage, hunting blind, boat, workshop, porch, restaurant kitchens, RV, car, truck, trailer, dorm room or any small room for pennies. Runs for hours with either a frozen gallon jug, ice, dry ice, frozen 20oz bottles, or anything else cold. Fully sealed 5 gallon bucket foam insert ensures maximum operating time. Powered by an ultra-quiet 7″ ‘Honeywell’ 3-speed turbo fan (standard wall outlet). Can be converted to vehicle use with an DC/AC adapter (not included but available at most walmarts).

Normal operation electrical load is approx 14watts, 0.2 amps. UL LIsted for maximum load of 35watts, 0.3amps.

Rugged and durable design for indoor/outdoor, portable use.

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