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Accessorize the Right Way: Match Your Dresses with Beautiful Statement Necklaces

Accessories add zing to any outfit. When accessorized the right way, even a dull piece of clothing can bring in complements. Jewelry is the most special accessory, and it is every woman’s best friend.

Nothing completes a look better than a prominent piece of necklace. By wisely matching your dresses with beautiful statement necklaces you can create eye-catching styles.

  With the right kind of statement necklace, you can:

  • Transform the entire look with just one piece of jewel
  • Add elegance and class to the look
  • Add bling to a simple outfit

Picking the Right Knick Knack

While shopping wisely, usually from wholesale statement necklaces or jewelry boutiques, we don’t simply pick a piece of jewelry for one particular outfit and vice versa. There is no particular rule to wear the right piece of a statement necklace.

 To wisely match your dresses with beautiful statement necklaces, you should consider the pattern of your dress, hairstyle, and make-up. As always, simple is the key.

A single statement piece screams class

  When you wear a prominent necklace, it should be the sole attention grabber. Too much adornment fails to charm. Avoid statement earrings or any other neck chains along with it.

 The best accompaniments to layered chain necklaces are statement cocktail finger rings. This combination is the perfect eye-catching style.

Pick the Right Kind of Statement Necklace

  Wisely matching your dresses with beautiful statement necklaces is no simple task. Long chain necklaces are a perfect match for Indian styled clothing.

Thick bib necklaces work well with western styled clothes. Wide chokers look good with an Indo-western look as well as with Western and Indian attires.

Bigger the Necklace, Simpler the Outfit

  Sometimes you come across people with a total mismatch of dresses with statement necklaces. Big neck pieces are worn best with simple clothing sans wild prints or patterns.

 When the necklace is bright and big, try to tone down the color and style of your clothing. Stick to neutral shades. A black dress or white top with self-designs can complement best with big statement pieces.

Choose the Right Accompaniments

  The other accessories that should be paired with the statement necklaces should be kept simple for the perfect eye catching style. That includes even hair and make-up.

 A bright colored necklace with intricate work and stones will be the hero of an outfit. So, all other accompaniments including earrings, rings and bracelets will be simpler. Milder toned metals will work best.

 Make-up can be mild, with a sleek hair-do. The tip is to not over-do, else there would be a disparity of clothing with accessories.

Watch the Necklines of the Clothing

   An ideal way to create eye-catching styles by wisely matching your dresses with beautiful statement necklaces is to concentrate on the neckline. The jewelry should always complement the neckline.

A bold attention-grabbing statement necklace works best with only certain necklines of clothes. Off- shoulder clothes, strapless and V- neck tops and dresses focus the attention on the neck piece.

Collared clothes and halter neck clothes can be avoided. Any detailing or design close to the neck line can be avoided as well. The detailing can steal the attention from the bold necklaces.

Jewelry Defines You

  Like clothing, jewelry too defines you. To a stranger, it sends the first impression. Always choose statement jewelry wisely.

There are several bold and beautiful statement necklaces available in the market. Get hold off the right piece and make a style statement.


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