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Cute Favors for Your Summer Wedding

You have picked out a date for your wedding and have decided where it is going to be. You also have your theme in mind and your guest list is coming together. The one thing that has been bothering you is what to choose as favors for your wedding. Luckily we have some ideas for you that are not only cost effective, but your guests will love them!

For Indoor Weddings
Since most weddings are indoors, the normal selection of wedding favors are a little plain. Instead, try to bring something that you would normally associate with an outdoor wedding into your indoor wedding to give your guests a thrill. You can pick up some 36” wedding sparklers and put a sparkler tag on each one that gives your guests instructions to use them indoors. Since wedding sparklers are smokeless, they are safe to use inside and your guests can have a fun summertime item during your indoor wedding

For Outdoor Weddings
Personalized water bottles that have been chilled and are offered at the ceremony are a great touch and a way to keep your guests well hydrated. You may also choose to keep the heat at bay by offering folded fans or colorful pinwheel fans that guests can use if they are feeling a little hot. If you want to ensure that your guests see you on your special day, offer personalized sunglasses that they can wear during the ceremony.

For Beach Side or Nautical Themed Weddings
Offer your guests some flip flops that they can wear in the sand at your ceremony for a beach side wedding, or make up little favor bags that are filled with little surprises such as lip balm, themed soaps or bath bombs, sunscreen and much more. Tie in a nautical wedding theme with shot glasses that proclaim the bride and grooms name and wedding date as well as a “tied the knot” image. The best part about all of these favors is that they are both cute and functional, giving your guests reason to use them again and again.

For Nature Lovers
Small trees that can be planted or succulents have been popular favors for summer weddings for some time. You may also choose to gift your guests with a thank you card that can then be planted in the garden and it will sprout flowers. This kind of paper is called seed paper, and it is made of recycled paper with seeds embedded in it. They are a great way to give to both your guests and the environment.

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