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Can you shower with sterling silver jewelry?

Today together with we’ll try to answer one trending question – can you shower with sterling silver jewelry?

On one hand the answer to this question depends on one’s personal habits but on the other hand it is also a matter of keeping one’s jewelry in proper conditions. So let’s see what we’re dealing with.


925 sterling silver itself is a natural material which is water resistant and does not oxidize very quickly. It is also resistant to soap, shampoo and shower gels we usually use when bathing. At some point it is necessary to clean your silver jewelry this way once in a while in stream water to keep the bacteria and dust away. There’s only one thing we need to keep in mind – is that in some silver chains the clasps might contain iron spirals which get oxidize very quickly and might cause problems with locking and unlocking.

But it’s a whole different thing when it comes to silver jewelry with natural gemstones, pearls, shells and corals. These materials are more delicate and cleaning with water and soap will bring visible damage to them – color changing, becoming hazy, loose sparkle. At the end your jewelry will be clean but not that attractive any more.


Let’s take a different perspective now. When one’s taking a shower it is very easy to lose a small piece of jewelry – the fastenings of the chains could open easily in soap water, or the ring might easily slip from a finger, the earrings are easy to lose when washing or drying one’s hair. And there’s a very small chance to notice it right away and to find it quickly in foamy water and once it’s gone into the pipe – it’s gone forever.

As you see there’s no one answer to this question for everyone, as it depends on whether or not silver jewelry contains natural gemstones or pearls, or corals, if the clasps function properly, if the size of the ring is right and so on. A general recommendation we can provide is to take silver jewelry off when bathing or taking shower, because it is safer for many mentioned reasons. Otherwise it is ok to take shower with sterling silver chains or plain silver rings if you are sure they will not fall off or unfasten. Another recommendation would be to take care of your sterling silver jewelry from time to time to support it’s original shine and beauty.

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