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Wisdom Immune Disorder?

Do you have a wisdom immune disorder? Do you binge on workshops and seminars, but quickly purge the lessons you’ve learned when faced with the call to action? Do you exhibit the telltale signs that you are a word glutton, someone who feeds and feeds on information but renders faith dead by inaction? Does the rotten fruit of poverty and stagnation hang from every limb of your tree and yet you continue to incessantly read books about pruning without actually pruning? This is for those who are filled to the brim with good intentions but rarely walk the walk to completion? Conferences, revivals, talk & radio shows, life-coaching getaways, online study guides, church, temple or synagogue, personal trainers, college degrees and certifications CAN NOT save you from cowardice and lack of action! Don’t dishonor wisdom any longer!  Learn how to stop your word gluttony and move from faith to action so you may have trouble-free success!

Max Rose is founder of “Faith Action Money” Consulting where she provides holistic success coaching to workers in the entertainment industry & Entrepreneurs.

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