We tried to catch up with Anne-Solenne Hatte for an interview but as usual, she was on her way to the studio to work on a movie. She is one of the nicest actresses we’ve met in some time, however, and she will make time for our interview in a couple of weeks, once the shoot is wrapped. Since she couldn’t get with us this time, we still want to talk about her and her very busy career. You’ve probably seen her in the hit TV series Strike Back, right? She played the character Carol alongside Michelle Yeoh and Sullivan Stapleton. That action military show just keeps pulling the audience numbers in and maybe the casting is right on the money. We think so, anyway, especially when we saw Anso (She likes to be called that way as in France her nickname is Anne-So) – it just made us want more of the show.

Anso played Atka in that Joey Curtis directed movie and she acted with Arielle Holmes and Branden Coles. Joey Curtis is known to have co written Blue Valentine that won a price at Sundance in 2010. Did you know that Anso was discovered by a casting agent and then she went on to be featured in Steven Soderberg’s Ocean’s Twelve? I love those kind of stories too, and this one is true. Of course, Anso was studying at the Sorbonne at the time and training as a classical actress with the famous Jean-Laurent Cochet, and earning her living by modeling at the time, so it was a great thing to have happen.

Anne was Phebe in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, and the lovely and tragic Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. She was brilliant in each of those incredible plays. She also played alongside Guy Pearce and Maggie Grace in the Luc Besson production of Lockout.  It was directed by Stephen Saint Leger and James Mathers. Growing up in France and studying and living in Paris can make one a very cosmopolitan person. It also makes one a citizen of the world, which Anne definitely is. She works wherever her roles take her and she is at home practically anywhere in the world. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy for her to transform herself into a Russian ballerina for her latest film, The Ledger. We can’t wait to see that one, but then, we simply can’t wait to see more of Anne-Solenne Hatte.

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