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Hair Transformation You Can Do In A Half Hour With Hair Extensions

We have so many hair styling options that often we’re constantly dreaming of greener pastures at every swipe of our Instagram feed or flip of a magazine page. Either we’re lusting after the newest hair color trend, wanting desperately to grow our bangs out already, or we’re getting scissor-happy at the sight of the perfect lob or pixie—there’s a lot of hairstyles to try. Unless you have a hair team to rival that of Beyonce or are inclined to shave your head and amass a collection of elaborate wigs, changing up your hairstyle in a dramatic way takes lots of patience or a lot of YOLO.

Revisiting that wig idea, something a bit less costume-y and a near-obvious option are extensions. Clip-in extensions are probably the easiest way to dramatically change your hair in a natural-looking way with no commitment. You can get colored ones, super long ones or a slightly lighter shade than your own hair to create an ombre effect

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