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5 Fashionable Types of Black Wedding Bands For Men

Men in black! Most men prefer darker or dull colours when it comes to accessories and even their daily clothes. You have to admit though, they look good in black. If your man is one of them, looking dashing in black, then you have to make your wedding day special by getting him or convincing him to get a black band. It is certain that he will adore the rand and you even more. To help you easily select the best black wedding band for your man, here is a list of metals that have black wedding bands made out of them:

Black Tungsten wedding bands

Even though tungsten is naturally grey, it is blackened by the ‘plating technique’. This is the bets wedding band if your man or you prefer dark shades as well as dull ones. Made from tungsten carbide, it has a light grey appearance that can be darkened by brushing. They are resistant to scratching and are very durable. You should look for ones with a solid black inlay that gives it a more sleek appearance
Whether you prefer the wedding band flat, brushed, engraved or polished, it will be done by your jeweler. You man with thank you for the thought especially with a thoughtful and meaningful engraved message.

Black Zirconium wedding bands

There is a wide variety of mens wedding bands in the market. Finding the perfect one gets harder daily because of new designs and metal types used every other day for wedding bands and jewelry. Black zirconium is the new addition to the family of men’s wedding bands and is very attractive to many. It is initially grey but turns black when oxidized through heating. It is lightweight, durable, hypoallergenic, and shatterproof. Because of its jet black appearance, zirconium wedding bands portray class and style.

Black Titanium wedding bands

Sleek designs of black titanium wedding bands are available for men and women. Just like all the other metals, you can have them customized for the bride and the groom. Black titanium wedding bands are very durable, and they can be customized in different shapes.
You can get a polished bevel, pyramid shaped, engraves, one with a coloured inlay or hammered into an intricate knit of designs. These bands are subtle and can be worn to work and social events without any worry of damage distractions. Sophistication and luxury is radiated by this classic design and your day will be more memorable.

Black Diamonds
Among the hottest jewelry trends in the market at the moment. The black diamond wedding band for men is bold, alluring with a mysterious feel. With additional carbon inlays, the wedding bands give off the ultimate manly feel. The diamond wedding bands are bold and give off a mysterious aura around them but an overall exquisiteness.
Silicone wedding bands
Tired of the normal known metals for wedding bands? Try the black silicone wedding bands. Due to its hypoallergenicity and its light weight you will be guaranteed to have the best and most memorable vows exchange. You may also have them engraved to make them more personal.

In conclusion, get tenacious and exquisitely designed black wedding bands from any of these materials. There also are black wedding bands for ladies; chic and absolutely adorable.

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