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So Why Most Diets Fail?

So why most diets fail?
You tried to lose weight or tone up for the summer, but the changes you’ve introduced didn’t last much. But why? Let’s explore.

Trying a ‘One-Plan-Fits-All’
Your best friend Amanda tells you excitedly how she lost 22lbs by running 10km a day. You follow her method, but don’t get the same results.
What worked for Amanda, may not fit you. Her body reacts to food and exercise probably totally different to yours.
Combining the science of bodybuilding and that of ancient eastern Ayurveda tells us we all have different body types that require different nutrition, training routines and practices.

Thinking ‘I’ll just eat less!’
Most people think that by eating less or skipping a meal, they’ll lose weight.
Your body’s metabolism doesn’t know when the next meal is coming, and so it goes into ‘conservative mode’.
It decides to slow down the rate of fat burning, and instead preserve it for use later. This often has us feeling fatigued.

Algorithm? What algorithm?!
There are many elements in the science and formula of losing weight and toning, including your body type, age, timing of meals and supplement intake, quantities and more.
Juggling all could be a challenge and it is easy to miss bits, but thankfully, we take this challenge off your plate, when you’re signed up to our programs.

Lack of a ‘Greater Why’
Most people lose weight to look good or feel better. However, there is a lot more emotional psychology involved in what drives us as human beings, and so what works is creating a ‘Greater Why’ that really moves and inspires you.
You’ll be delighted to know that people from 14 countries different on our challenges have demonstrated successful, sustainable and workable weight loss and toning, and so can you when joining by Sunday for just £199.

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