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Kraftly ! Sell On Instagram

Are you a home maker, a student, a working professional, an artist, a seller or unemployed? Whoever you are – you know what? You have the power to create something beautiful from nothing.!! Not only that – You also have the power to own such exclusive products, created by someone in another part of the world! You think we are kidding?

Well, Brace Yourself! We realize this potential in you – which is why the idea of Kraftly was born in the first place. We wish to create a global community where you can not only create and sell unique products but also buy such different items, which so far have been available offline.

Kraftly lets you connect your instagram account to convert followers into buyers! Simply share your picture from within Kraftly to instagram. Your followers can comment on a post with their email address and automatically receive a quick checkout link to complete their purchase! It’s that simple. In fact, all shipping and payments are handled by Kraftly as well making it a breeze for you to sell on Instagram.


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