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How to Dress Like a Celebrity Without Spending Much

Do you often wonder why celebrities always look good at all times? Whether they are shopping for grocers, heading to the gym, or just hanging out at their homes, they always seem to have a beautiful crafted style and appearance. Well, this is not something that is embedded in their genes, the truth is that anybody can dress like a celebrity. You can do it too!

Steps to follow to get celebrity looks

ca. 2008 --- Selena Gomez --- Image by © John Russo/Corbis Outline

ca. 2008 — Selena Gomez — Image by © John Russo/Corbis Outline

The first step to take in your bid to attain celebrity looks is to go shopping for chic clothes. You do not have to shop at expensive places. Just head to an inexpensive store and choose single clothing pieces instead of picking an already matched attire. The advantage with this is that you will have many different items that you can match to give a desirable look. Not only will you be trendy, but also invent cool yet fashionable dressing ideas.

Next, you need to wear accessories. Big accessories always work best for most people. The idea behind these big good looking accessories is that they stand out. Celebrities attract attention with such pieces. You will get the same attention when you spot big earrings, big handbags, or big bracelets.

If you want to dress like a celebrity on a red carpet event, then go for heels and glittering shoes. However, if you want a comfortable look –like that you will find a celebrity wearing on a normal day –go for knee-high boots or comfy shoes. Remember that knee high boots are mostly paired with tight jeans while heels work best in short or long dresses. Also, throw in a couple of big names like Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Channel to your collection.

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