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Wholesale Women’s Clothing Online

Along with food and shelter, clothes are an essential purchase for every person. Earlier people would purchase their clothes from retail stores or get them stitched by a tailor as required. However, most retail stores only stock a limited number and variety of clothes, these clothes do not fit properly and their prices are high. Similarly tailored clothes are expensive, and the process of getting them stitched to size is very time consuming. Selling wholesale clothing china online is an attractive option for online sellers, as it offers retailers a chance to buy low cost clothing at a reasonable price.


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Based on the market demand, the online business selling wholesale clothing china will arrange to import clothes of different sizes, designs and shapes. Since fashion changes with time, the business should be aware of the latest trends in fashion design, as this will ensure that the clothes that are stocked will sell. They may have a warehouse where they will stock clothes and then ship the clothes based on customer demand. This will save the business a lot of money as the warehouse may be located in a remote area, where real estate rates are relative low, unlike retail stores which have to be located in busy commercial areas.

The online store for selling wholesale clothing china will list the different types of clothes available, with photos, sizes, prices and other details. Since it is a wholesale store, a minimum order value will be specified. Different types of payment options will be available, based on the convenience of the retailer. It may offer customization of the clothing to some extent, for example a logo may embroider or printed on T-shirts as desired, based on the request of the customer. For this an additional fee may be charged from the customer. Delivery time will vary depending on the location of the retailer.

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While conventional methods like search engine optimization may be used to ensure that the online store selling wholesale clothing china ranks well in search engines, other marketing methods may also be used. These include sending mailers to retailers online and offline informing them about the wholesale clothing available at a low price. The mailing list which will include retailers who sell similar clothes can be compiled from online and offline sources and can be a valuable tool for both customer acquisition and retention. Other marketing methods are using social media like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest , Instagram and other similar websites.

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