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The Women Team.Com Is The Next Lifestyle Star

 Been live less than one month The Women Team   is where you go when you want to catch up on the latest trend and read about inspiring women .Owned by Maya Mey Aroyo there are currently 5 team member writing about fashion ,health,art relationship and more.
 Maya Mey Aroyo

Maya Mey Aroyo

The Idea Behind The Team
The idea behind creating the women team is to provide “Stage” for content writers who don’t have a blog of their own .Writer Ayala Art has her own Website displaying her oil art ,and has joined the Women Team in order to get more people discovering her art .More writers are joining every day ,most of them have their own fashion/makeup blog and looking to get more followers by writing for this new rising online magazine .
The women team

The women team

Not Only For Women
The women team might sound like a website made only for women ,but that’s not the case .Though currently they don’t have a male member on board ,they produce post that man would be interesting in reading .Take for example this survey that The Women Team held about how long it does take it for a women to get ready to go out 
Travel And Health
The women team also shows the variety of articles about travel and health .This recent article about the Dead Sea will make you feel like you are right there with the the team .You can also find article about weight lose or about daily tips foe general health.It doesn’t matter  what you FANCY -The Women Team write about it with spunk ,knowledge and care

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