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Home Remedies of Salt

No doubt Nature is beautiful. It has a lot of things for us that are very useful and beneficial for a human beings. Different elements the nature has for us that can be used for many purposes as some of them are used as a jewelry, some of them are used to eat and some as medicine but did you ever thing? That most of the things that we use in our food in daily life can be used as a natural beauty product.

Every kind of products are available in the market, you can also go for it, but most preferable  use the home remedies that are free of cost if you will make it at home at a reasonable price. The plus point of natural products is  that it has no side effects.Salt is such a natural product. For many beauty products salt can be either used as a beauty product or can be used as a base product. When the salt is used in the right amounts, it gives the best results.



Salt is very inexpensive natural element that can be used for both hair and skin to moisturize and for nourish them. Sodium chloride that is a chemical salt is used in hair products. These products are beneficial for hair so you can go for it because salt can also increase the thickness of hair.This ingredient is great for promoting circulation and improving your skin health as well as remove toxins and dead skin cells. Like other home remedies

The most easily a natural remedy for hair is:




  1. Shampoo
  2. Salt

Method: it is quite simple, just take handful amount of shampoo and then add some little amount of salt in it now you have to massage onto scalp. You can use this natural remedy on a weekly base. You will get better results after 2 to 3 days.

  • Salt is also good for a skin, especially Sea salts, that is very famous. For getting a better result it is necessary to use any product in a right quantity.
  • Salt is best for teeth You can clean your teeth using Salt and baking soda mix with water and make your home tooth cleaning liquid. you can directly apply salt on your teeth.
  • You can use salt on your face, Mix some salt and olive oil and spread it over your face for cleansing purpose.
  • Soak your feet in a bowl of salty water. This will prevent any infections on your feet.

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