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Hannah Strumner- Old Phone Line

No one wants to hear the words a few months before the 2020 pandemic at the age of seventeen “you are diagnosed with type one diabetes.”
Those scary few words were what I heard and had to deal with every single day of my life.

Staying up all night to control my blood sugars preventing myself from falling into the endless hole of blood sugar highs and blood sugar lows.
I finally was about to be put onto an insulin pump, and being distraught finally, I realized I had to accept this disease for life, questioning how could a virus cause such a horrible disease. I decided to write a song about being attached to this insulin pump, being the only way that I am somehow still breathing today. Knowing that I cannot just sail to different lands to take a vacation from Type 1 Diabetes, I wrote a song, dreaming that I could. This one is called Old Phone Line.

Sometimes, the biggest heartbreaks don’t necessarily have to be a person we lose, but things that we miss about ourselves.
Hannah Strumner Music.

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