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Types Of Fashion Models


Do you want to be a model? Are you confused about the types of modeling you want to choose? Here we will describe the different types of modeling you will find in the modeling industry. Some models only fit into one category, while another model may fit into multiple. Below are the different types of models to help you understand the career you want.

Runway modeling is the most common type of modeling when modeling comes to mind. This is the most applied type in modeling agencies because this is the highest paid category in the fashion modeling business. But only a low chance of models gets this work as a runway model due to the high standards a designer requires when selecting a runway model.

As the name implies, a lingerie model are the ones to sell lingerie’s to the respective customers. Most of the lingerie shoots have an erotic underlining so some of the body parts will be visible. Lingerie modeling is not always provocative and sexy. Usually, the compensation is good in this type of category.

This category is for models who are extremely fit and athletic, usually they are athletes. The negative side of this type of modeling is maintenance of a well-toned body takes a lot of energy and time, always be aware that working out will be a necessary to this type of modeling.

Commercial models are featured on national or local print advertisements, catalogs and television. The pay can be good but not to the level of the top fashion model and commercial models tend to find work less often. Age is not a concern for commercial models. In fact, models over the age of 60 are still accepted for print advertisements and campaigns. Body type and overall looks are not as heavily regulated for commercial models.

Parts models specialize in modeling body parts such as hands, feet, legs, and eyes. Models that have well-proportioned body parts and those who can fit items are the ones hired for this type of modeling. Petite models often find work as part models due to their smaller shoe sizes and body parts.

The plus size market has been blooming ever since it came to the fashion industry. Several of the top fashion brands no have plus size divisions. Plus sized models are generally determined by their size rather than exact measurements.

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