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Food Diary: Low Carb Diet Weight Loss Food Journal


A food diary is what keeps you on your diet plan. If you do not keep record and maintain you calories, weight loss for you might be an issue. Most people have difficulty sticking to their diet. We all need to plan healthy in life in order to have a bright future. If you really want to loose weight, you need to balance your meals. Maintaining your calories in your diet plans, is what helps with your weight loss. This food journal / food diary will help you with your daily meals and your overall diet and minimize your risk of health issues. This book does not only help you plan healthy but stay healthy. It helps you keep record of your servings , calories and daily target. for the list of foods listed.


you can add any other category of food you wish. so lets keep our health going strong by planning healthy , sticking to our diet plans; whether its you calories through your low carb diet or just a diet plan for overall weight loss. Your simple 100 day food diary will along your journey. Happy meal planning.

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