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Cheka Shining Ceo of Shine Your light L.L.C

Cheka Shining Ceo of Shine Your light L.L.C. The creator of the first Positive Affirmation Runway during the 50 years of Hip Hop, in the Boogie down Bronx. A self love coach empowering others through her self love movement.

Self love is a real solution to real problems. Love yourself first so you can teach them young movement Cheka Shining is a plus size model, Runway model, actress, influencer, blogger , live Streamer, advocate, fighting for change. Bullying isn’t ok its through self love and knowing your worth that you can find peace and happiness. Cheka Shining company offers workshops, Positive Affirmation book marks among other merch. Instagram
Chekaandoliviaselfloveclub ChekaShining ShineyourlightL.L.C

Her youngest daughter the first child Self-Love Advocate has a self love pledge, to inspire other children as she is learning and growing. Cheka Shining believes everyone has a light and we can all shine bright through knowing our worth. Affirmations help influence a positive mindset.

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