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A Guide to Buying an Engagement Ring Scottsdale 

Purchasing an engagement ring in Scottsdale is an incredibly exciting but sometimes anxious experience. This is even more true if this is your first time buying a piece of jewelry so important and expensive. With that being said, hopefully these four tips will make the process easier for you and your significant other. 

Setting a budget 

Buying an engagement ring is a special moment for any couple, which is why most couples don’t mind spending more for an opulent ring. However, you should be careful not to overspend and end up with financial stress instead of excitement from your new ring. 

Before you start shopping, you should determine how much you’re willing to spend. Look at your financial situation and see how much you can save and spend for the rind. If possible, you should talk to a financial advisor and get their opinion on how much you can spend for an engagement ring Scottsdale. 

Find a ring that fits their style

An engagement ring will likely be worn by your partner often if not every day, so find something that will match their style and aesthetic. If your partner is very simple and wears mainly casual clothes, you probably shouldn’t buy them a ring that is too eccentric or flashy. 

Look at the jewelry they already own and use it as a reference. Do you see more silver jewelry or gold? Is the jewelry simple, or are there a ton of different colors and patterns? Also take into account the lifestyle they lead. If your partner is very active, look into a durable ring that won’t break easily. 

If you still need help finding the best style of engagement ring Scottsdale, you should talk to their close friends or family for their opinion. In the event that you’re still unsure by the time you start shopping for the ring, you can always ask a professional jeweler for their advice. 

Understand the four C’s 

Looking into the basics of the perfect engagement ring will make the process easier if this is your first time shopping. The four C’s of a diamond are cut, color, clarity, and carat. 

  • Cut — the diamond’s angles, proportions, and overall look
  • Color — how white and colorless the diamond is
  • Clarity — how unstained the diamond is from blemishes
  • Carat — the weight of the diamond

While all these aspects are important, don’t let these rules stop you from saving a bit of money down the road. Be open to looking at a carat that weighs a little less than what you expect, or a diamond that isn’t completely polished. Ultimately, a professional jeweler should be able to help explain the four C’s in detail if you want more clarification. 

Find the right retailer

When shopping for an engagement ring Scottsdale, it is recommended that you purchase from a retailer that gives great deals and perks. Do your research before settling on just one store. Visit multiple jewelry stores, look at reviews online, and get recommendations from family and friends. 

Eventually, talk to jewelers themselves about the perks they offer. In the end, you should purchase your ring from a retailer who can offer benefits like reduced or free resizing, upgrade policies, certifications on their rings, and an admirable return policy. 


When shopping for an engagement ring, remember to enjoy the process and try not to get too stressed about buying the perfect ring. Hopefully remembering to set a budget, finding a ring that fits their style, understanding the four C’s, and going to the right retailer will make shopping a piece of cake. 

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