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Surrogacy in Canada and the world: What are the features?

Assisted Reproductive Medicine is a rapidly developing sphere in the whole world. One of the most demanding requests is Surrogacy treatment as the therapy that has already successfully helped many families in the entire world to conceive and give birth to a baby.

Canadian Surrogacy is known as the leading in this sphere, but let’s learn more about it. 

Canada and Surrogacy legislation

Since March 2004, when the AHR act (Assisted Human Reproduction Act) was registered as a law, Surrogacy treatment has become legally approved for people who undergo fertility issues. 

The main principles were designed according the following essentials:

  • The baby health is going to be of paramount importance while using Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART);
  • Women health must be highly protected, since they are more exposed by ART;
  • The consent for using ART must always be voluntary and conscious;
  • Families and individuals must not be persecuted or charged for the usage of ART;
  • Commercial benefit and exploitation of person’s reproductive capacities is regarded as a crime;

Therefore, Canada, in terms of Surrogacy and other methods of Assisted Reproductive Technologies, protects the person itself – the Intended parent, Donor, Baby and Surrogate. 

Canada and Surrogacy restrictions

In spite of the fact that Surrogacy is legal in Canada, there are some prohibitions and restrictions regarding this theme.

  • Any payments, offers of payments or advertising for being the Surrogate;
  • Any kind of compensation – services, accommodations – provided or proposed for being the Surrogate;
  • Any payments or offers of payments to another person who can affect or persuade a woman to be a Surrogate;
  • Any medical involvement that can help a woman to become a Surrogate;

Surrogacy in Canada and in the world

Of course, the principal steps in the Surrogacy process are unchangeable.

But when comparing with different countries in the world, there are several that have more attractive terms for Surrogacy treatment and can be a good alternative if you are looking for something else. 


Ukrainian legislation for Surrogacy is stable and well-developed in terms of safety, anonymity, result-orientation and progress implementing. 

ADONIS International is a flagship of infertility treatment (including Surrogacy) in Ukraine. Full cycle of medical processes is carried out in one place. Only professional staff is proficient in every step.

Surrogacy in Ukraine is allowed for heterosexual married couples. At least one partner from the couple must have fertility issues and a prescription to undergo Surrogacy treatment. 

Before being included into the Surrogate base, a woman comes through the multiply diagnosis (ADONIS clinic has its own Surrogate base with only totally healthy candidates). 

The Surrogate must have no genetic connection to the baby she carries. And the Intended parents (at least one of them), from their side, must have obligatory genetic connection with the baby.

Abundance of variation for Assisted Reproductive Technologies can be found in worldwide medicine. 

Make a choice according to qualification and reviews of clients – make choices that will change your future!

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