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7 Best Careers for Women in 2022

In the 20th century, women’s role was mostly confined to being primary caretakers. Today, however, there is a significant prominence of women in the primary or co-breadwinner’s role. In 2022, many fields offer substantial employment opportunities to women with good pay. Some of these professions are dominantly women’s fields, as they are the best career choices for them. 

In 2022, a desirable career for women offers sufficient opportunities for growth and advancement, flexibility for a decent work/life balance, job satisfaction, and a comfortable compensation package. In order to succeed in such careers, it is important to groom yourself by gaining experience, developing your skill set, acquiring advanced degrees and/or certifications, and networking with professionals in the industry. 

Here are the seven best careers for women in 2022:

Registered Nurse

Registered nurses offer primary patient care in healthcare establishments including hospitals and clinics. Their participation is seen in the research and education sector as well. It is a woman-dominated field with 87% of women representation in the workforce. It is projected that the workforce will increase by 6% between 2021 and 2031. Hence, a career as a registered nurse is among the highly coveted profession in the country, especially for women. It provides them with abundant opportunities in pursuing a rewarding and satisfying career. 

In order to become a registered nurse, you will need to complete an accredited nursing program which is typically two to four years. Furthermore, you are required to pass the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. Registered nurses are highly paid and there are many advancement opportunities. 

Family Therapist

Family therapists offer psychological counseling to couples and families in dealing with interpersonal issues, mental health, and functioning. It can assist in relationship building, developing communication channels, and managing conflicts. Family therapy is a rewarding profession with substantial growth potential, especially for women with a 16.4% employment growth projected between 2020 and 2030. Furthermore, 74% of family therapists are women. Clients are seen to prefer female family therapists as women are known to be more psychologically empathetic. Hence, family therapy is a great career option for women looking to make a difference in other people’s lives while making a good income. 

In order to become a family therapist, specific training and certification are legally required. Family therapists are required to at least hold a master’s degree in related subjects, complete a supervised internship, and pass a stated approved exam. 

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is an amalgamation of artwork and social media, making it a popular professional in this technologically driven work environment. Graphic designers enable businesses to communicate their vision through electronic and print media. They create graphics for websites, ads, logos, brochures, and other media forms. Graphic design is among the creative career choices that are popular and very suited for women. In the workforce, there are 63% women graphic designers. However, the employment growth projection for graphic designers is 3% from 2021 to 2031.

As a graphic designer, you must possess coding and web designing skills. Typically, you would require a bachelor’s degree in graphic design or a related field. You must prepare a portfolio to showcase your creativity. 

Career Counselor

Career counseling is a process designed to assist individuals in recognizing their strengths and identifying viable educational and professional opportunities. A career counselor is trained to assist people with their educational options and career choices by assessing individuals’ behavior qualities such as personalities, interests, and aptitudes. Career counselors work with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), schools, colleges and universities, employment agencies, and career counseling groups. You can also set up your own practice as a career counselor. In the country, there are 59.3% women career counselors. The career counseling field has been projected to grow by 10% from 2021 to 2031. 

To become a career counselor, you must at least possess a bachelor’s degree in a relevant field such as psychology or counseling. It is preferable to have a graduate degree in career counseling for more opportunities and higher pay grades. They generally are required to be licensed, especially if choosing to establish their own practice. 

Fashion Designer

Fashion designing is the art of designing apparel and lifestyle accessories utilizing knowledge of trends and textiles. As a good majority of women have artistic senses, fashion designing is a great option for expressing themselves while making a good living. There are endless scopes and possibilities in this business. It is woman dominated business as 82.7% of fashion designers are women. The projected growth of employment is 3% from 2021 to 2031.

To succeed as a fashion designer, you must possess creative and managerial skills. You may not require a formal degree to become a fashion designer as numerous top designers are self-taught; however, it is recommended to have a degree in a fashion-designing-related field to maximize employment opportunities. It is also beneficial to back up the degree with internships and certifications. 


Nutritionists specialize in helping people eat healthier and develop a healthy lifestyle. They provide counseling on clients’ nutritional and health needs as well as assist their clients in the prevention and treatment of common diseases such as diabetes. As the awareness about health and fitness is drastically increasing, nutrition is among the fastest growing field with ample career opportunities. Nutritionists are employed in various establishments such as hospitals, nursing homes, cafeterias, etc. The field is dominated by women with 84.2% women nutritionists. There is a projected growth of 7% between 2021 and 2031. 

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a nutritionist, you require a bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition, or a related degree supported by supervised training through an internship. It is required in many states for nutritionists to be licensed. 

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are responsible for supporting doctors, hospitals, and other health-related professionals with administrative and clinical duties. Their responsibility includes updating patients’ medical records, greeting patients, handling billing, performing initial tests and lab work, suturing wounds, and performing other administrative tasks. They work in physician’s offices, hospitals, and other healthcare settings. The representation of women in this job is 89.6%. There is an increasing demand with projected growth of 23% from 2018 to 2028, making it an attractive career for women. 

A high school diploma or GED coupled with training is required to become a medical assistant. The training can be completed within nine months to a year for a diploma or certificate, or two years for an associate degree.

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